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Yoga-lifestyle.a Better Way Of Living

Recent history has seen the growth of Yoga in nearly all the parts of the world. It has come a long way from the ancient times, when Indian Yogis used to practice it in process to find inner peace, to a mainstream recreational activity, practiced by people to stay fit and healthy. Yoga has been known to relieve stress and keep the mind and body fit from physical or mental tension. It is an ancient art of spiritual body and mind control. The underlining principles that yoga is based on are that of concentration, focus, peace, determination and most importantly love.

Yoga has proved to be helpful to many in stress and tension reduction, and along with it many studies have also shown it to be helpful in the reduction and healing of some health related issues.
In recent years there has been a swift increase in the number of people accepting yoga lifestyle as their conscious way of living. This is basically due to the fact that more and more people are impressed by the principle of Yoga and have decided to implement them into their daily lives.

Yoga-lifestyle is considered to be consciously a better way a living by many experts. But why?
This is because the basic principle of yoga is based on love. This Love includes all the living beings and our surrounding environment. Yoga encourages us to live in prosperity and harmony with the natural world and have respect for all the living beings. This lead to a wave of vegan and organic lifestyle. While vegan lifestyle focuses on the respect of other living beings, organic movement is more towards protecting the environment.

The most important part of the organic movement is organic clothing. Organic clothes are made up of 100% organic materials, i.e. organic crops. Organic crops are the farmed using absolutely no chemical fertilizers (such as pesticides or growth enhancers) or Genetically Modified Seeds. These chemicals pollute the surrounding environment (such as air and water) and at the same time reduce the soil quality and value. They have also shown to cause many health related problems in the surrounding areas.

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