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Yoga For Women And Kids Health

It has become fashionable to do yoga. She was attracted to adults, children and even pregnant women. At the same time, the obstetricians attitude to yoga for pregnant women is very cautious. Many doctors are appealing to the fact that the Eastern women (mostly Indian), yoga – a traditional, centuries-old practice that is specific to a given culture, lifestyle and worldview. Specialists in yoga poses, in turn, argue that European women yoga can bring many benefits and positive emotions during any period of life, and even during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.
The main purpose of a person who practices yoga – to achieve complete peace and harmony of life, self-reliance, inner freedom. An integral part of yoga is the general improvement of the body.
Yoga is “working” is not the case, such as aerobics or fitness classes. Then the whole work is directed inward, the acceleration of metabolic processes. Due to breathing exercises, twisting, bending, and deflections during the execution of the asanas is a direct effect on internal organs. Each asana affects specific organ system. In addition, during the yoga classes are born positive emotions: there is an internal self-reliance, peace, and which remains after school. The impact of yoga on the body lasts all day. The difference lies in the fact that during aerobic classes and training on simulators built up the muscles, and during yoga, they are extended. Yoga makes the body more slender, thin and fit, completely changes the shape, “extend” it.
With the help of yoga a woman can overcome many of the unpleasant characteristic of pregnancy: morning sickness, back pain, legs, etc. There are even postures, aimed at eliminating the threat of termination of pregnancy. Expectant mother can use the same posture, which performed before pregnancy, but there are some asanas that are practiced during the pregnancy itself. In general, yoga for pregnant womens health is soft, smooth and accuracy.
According to the traditions of yoga, children can be seriously engaged in no earlier than 14 years. At this age, is the awareness of yoga, you have a child knowingly takes part in the exercises. He is not distracted, he likes to do. Although there are exceptions to the age rules. I watched the video, filmed in the Indian schools of yoga; kids get up there the wonders of yoga. There is a so-called baby-yoga, which also does not apply to classical yoga is done only once. It is very beneficial to the kids health, removes the “after-clips” if they have a place to be. This half-hour lesson, which is held every 2 weeks after birth and only the experts – proven by people working in this field for over 10 years. For my son, we invited a person who practices yoga for 25 years. After the baby yoga, he showed us how to do dynamic exercises with the baby, bathe him. Poses that a child receives during the sessions – absolutely unbelievable. Baby yoga is not removed and do not explain to parents their children were doing it yourself – so it is a dangerous process in the hands of the layman.