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Yoga Exercises For Cervical Spondylosis

In todays hectic work schedule and busy life, most of people are prone to various illnesses. Cervical spondylosis is one of them that have affected a large number of people to a wide extent. It is generally caused by a herniated disc at the neck which is the most active part of the body. Neck is the part of body that we use every time. For example to eat, drive, relax, breath, work, read and many other things you can think of. It is the flexibility of muscles and ligaments that support the neck and allow it a wide range of motions while being very strong themselves. Neck is also the most vulnerable part of the body in an accident. A minor injury can make the whole system worse as it can cause the ligament to tear.

There are various spondylosis exercises in Yoga that can be scheduled to get instant relief in cervical spondylosis.

Head Exercise

Lie down straight on the bed with your head near one end. Slowly slide upwards until your head hangs over the end without any support. Allow the head free of any support or tension for about 10 seconds, then slide down again to support your head on the bed. Wait for few seconds and repeat this exercises 5 times.

Neck Exercise

Sit straight. Turn your head from one side to another 10 times. Bend your head against the left shoulder as far as you can without any difficulty and vice versa. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Shoulder Rotation

Touch your shoulders with your fingertips and rotate your arms slowly, first in one direction and then another. Push your shoulders as far back as you can without feeling any discomfort. Do this exercise for 10 times.

Doing these spondylosis exercises on a regular basis result in relaxing in cervical spondylosis.

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