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Yoga Establishment With The Help Of Parivartana

II. Uttarakalamrita: Kalidasa of Uttarakalamrita a classical writer completely differs with Mantreswara and also introduced some precious knowledge about the exchange of houses which brought dramatic considering and bringing in practice. His suggestions are as below:

(a) When ninth and tenth lords exchange their position (provided they are not the owners of eighth and eleventh houses as well) they create a Raj Yoga and bring wealth and prosperous to the concerned native.

(b) There are three pairs of lords which are very important to be carefully noted and properly examined in a birth chart:

(i) Lords of ninth and tenth houses from Ascendant.

(ii) Lords of ninth and tenth houses counted from ninth house of birth chart (This means the author favour exchange of fifth and sixth lords also).

(iii) Lords of ninth and tenth houses reckoned from tenth house of birth chart (which means the author allows parivartana of sixth and seventh house to be good).

(iv) There are four sets have been considered viz. Lords of Rasi and Amsa occupied by a planet and Ascendant lord (b) Lords of tenth and ninth (c) Lords of 5, 3, 4 and 7 (d) Lords of 2 and 11: When they occupy each others house they bestow on the native the following blessings viz. (a) prosperity, (b) elephants, horses or like that, (c) happiness and children, (d) wealth.

(v) If any one of the following three interchanges of houses take place in a birth chart, thus constituted parivartana yoga do come in existence, viz. (a) eighth lord occupying twelfth or sixth (b) sixth lord occupying eighth or twelfth, (c) twelfth lord placed in eighth or sixth. Here vide (a) to (c) as above the concerned planets should at the same time be free from such relation with other planets.

Above mentioned yogas of parivartana when found to be present in any birth chart, bestow on the concerned native a great kingship, fame, name and wealth.

III. Jataka Yogavali: An author Venkatesa Sharma who in his later life became known as celebrated Venkatesa Daivagnya and wrote a grantha Sarvartha Chintamani, some 375 years ago, has written a classical work Jataka Yogavali and has given us some Privartana Yogas due to the interchange of certain houses. The Parivartana Yogas though they are very few, but clearly hint how cautious we should be to look other favourable conditions also for materializing the yoga phala.

(i)CHAPA(bow) YOGA: Interchange of signs between lords of second and tenth house whilst the Ascendant lord is exalted, will resultProfessionally the status of the native is comparable to a king. He is treasurer or a commander.

(ii)SIVA YOGA: Lord of fifth placed in ninth, ninth lord placed in tenth, whereas tenth lord placed in fifth house. Effects of this yoga are: the native engages himself in high undertakings, gets lordship over vast areas, wins battles, professionally positions himself as a commander, controls over his senses and has the vast knowledge.

(iii)KAAR MUKHA YOGA: Interchange of signs between lords of Ascendant and tenth, whilst amsa lords of tenth and Ascendant falling in one and the same sign and there is Jupiters aspect on either first or tenth lords.

Effects: The native would be leader amongst learned people, highly courageous, very intelligent, charitable, enjoying life in high walks and very important personality in the community. The yoga phala materializes after nine years of age.

IV) INDRA YOGA: Whilst there is exchange of signs between lords of fifth and eleventh houses, the Moon should stand in fifth house. Effects: The native will has reputation for a very long period. He will be highly courageous having status like a king. He will enjoy life in high walks and will be liked by king.

(v) AMARAKA YOGA: Exchange of houses between lords of seventh and ninth provided both the lords are quite strong. Effects: The native will possess long hands, lotus like eyes. He will be well-versed in law, having a magisterial post, praised by public, interested in pilgrimages, has happiness from wife and will be enjoying greater happiness after age of 50 years.

(vi) SRIMANTHI(wealth) YOGA: If there is interchange of houses between lords of ninth and tenth provided Ascendant lord is with one of the above lords duly aspected by Jupiter. Effects: The native will be having highly charitable nature and all kinds of prosperity. He will be highly respected and be learned. He will have full span of life.