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Th Firt Chakra category f yoga charms

The Frt Chakra, knwn a th foundation r root Chakra s symbolized wth red. Thi frt Chakra i located t th base f th spine nd helps u relate ur sense f feeling grounded nd connection t ur bodies, great area f focus t start th Nw Year. When u r tryng t mk thing happen n th material world, business r material possessions, th energy t succeed wll om frm th frst chakra. Whl mot commonly th color red t cn lo g dwn nt deep reddish brown nd ven black. Th mst common gemstones ud ar Garnet nd Red Carnelian.

We hav m wonderful chakra jewelry t hl gt ur root chakra n balance nd n th rght track. Our Chakra Bracelet n b customized wth n emphasis n the root Chakra a wll s ur customizable Chakra Necklace.

Handmade Jewelry Charms category f yoga charms

As w mention n ur homepage man f ur pendants ar hand cast b local artisan. W wnt ur jewelry t b original nd unique posble whl w d buy materials tht re mass produced uh pearls nd ome beads w tr t limit t s muh psible and lok fr unique cuts nd colors n ur gemstones, ths s ften wh ur pieces change ovr time r ar ven discontinued s certan cut r color f stone my bcome unavailable nd w wll hve t find suitable alternative f ne exists nd tll n maintain th original idea behnd th piece.

Today we’d lik t show yu fw f ur pieces tht r hand cast nd give u om information n th process f silver casting fr handmade jewelry. Th mt common w t create silver charm i called lost wax casting. Yu start wth wax carving f our design. If it’s gng t b reproduced mn times yu thn create rubber mold f ur wax carving, tht yu an create a mny wax replicas s ou nd frm th rubber mold.

Once ur mold i complete ou mk plaster casting f it, t i ths casting tht th molting silver wll b poured into. Aftr cooling ha occurred u re ready t break t ut f th plaster nd give t polish. Th process hs changed vry lttle sne mankind began casting metals. Hre re fw f th pieces tht w ue ur locally cast charms in:

Opal Jewelry category f yoga charms

Opal i considered to b mineraloid gel tht i created undr frl low temperatures, vrll ths mks mot types f opal bit softer thn ur average semi-precious gemstones, generally rated 5.5-6.5 n th Mohrs scale f hardness. S ou wll wnt to tke lttle extra care fr n jewelry tht ha opals n it. Opals hve lot f water n thm compared t othr gemstones, thi means the love t b worn lot th cn maintain ther proper humidity frm th wearers skin.

There r generally tw types f opal, common opals nd precious opal, th lattr nly named precious beue f ts atomic build tht ontain vry predictable crystalline structure tht creates tht famous opalescent sheen uully n rainbow f milky colors, hwver jut bcaue f th nam t doesn’t represent rarity f vlu compared t om forms f th “common opal”.

Opals history lmst s colorful s th stones themselves. Fr mst f history th hve ben assoited wth good luck, calmness, nd mental clarity.

yoga charms Australian aboriginals believed tht th creator f th human race ame t earth riding rainbow nd tht whn h landed h footsteps left th color f th rainbow nd thu created th opal stone. T ths day opal i th official gemstone fr Southern Australia. Opal th birthstone f October.

In ur mot reent batch f nw jewelry w obtained small stock f Peruvian opal beads nd stones. Ths opal s rltvly rare nd nly fund n th Andes Mountains nar San Patricio, Peru. It ls th national stone f Peru. Her r ur newest opal pieces.

Ganesha Charms category f yoga charms

Ganesha lo spelled Ganesa nd Ganesh, nd knwn b names Ganapti, Pillaiyar, r Vinayaka n f th mst wll knw nd worshipped deities n Hinduism a wll mn ther Eastern Religions. Whl Ganesha i knwn b mny attributes h i mt commonly asocatd wth hi large elephant head nd multiple arms. Ganesha s widely revered th Remover f Obstacles nd the deva f intellect nd wisdom. Whl oftn considered th remover f obstacles bth materially nd spiritually, traditionally h an al place obstacles n th wa f people wh ned t b checked. Ganesha th son f Shiva nd Parvati.

The earliest knwn occurrences f the deity bng ud n popular culture date bk t t leat th 4th century durng th Gupta Period, th Gupta Dynasty ruled muh f India frm 280 t 550 CE. Thrughut history Ganesha ha shown wide variety f patterns nd portrayals unlke man f th deities tht re ver strict nd hve minimal representations a fr a pose, size, etc. Indian art shows great variation frm standing, dancing, tkng action gnst demons, nd ven playing wth hs family a boy.

However h my b depicted b whtevr religion tht worships him, h ha bm n icon f material nd spiritual obstacles. Fr furthr information n th history nd religions tht worship hm lee th wiki article.

Hamsa Jewelry category f yoga charms

The Hamsa i symbol tht h ben ud regularly fr thousands f years n amulets, jewelry, nd charms.

yoga charms gold

It i aid t protect gant th evil eye. Th hand hs everl alternate names depending n th religion in whih t s bing used, for examle th Jewish nm th Hand f Miriam, nd som Islamic sects call it th Hand f Fatima r th Eye f Fatima. Sm archeological evidence suggests t predates bth Judaism nd th Islamic faiths nd ge ll th w bak t th Phoenicians rund 1,500 BC.

No matter th religion r nm t i ued n emblem f protection. We’ve jut launched nw set f Hamsa Hand Bracelets whre yu n choose everal valabl gemstones, w alo hv nw Hand f Protection necklace incorporating th symbol s well, t ues Turquoise nd Jade bth f whih r considered stones f protection.

I hv ben studying nd teaching yoga fr th st fifteen years. M early training ws n Ashtanga yoga, but I hve bn primarily influenced b th unique blend of Hatha, Tantra, nd Ayurveda-ISHTA Yoga-that th creation f Yogiraj Alan Finger, wth whm I study nd work closely. Alan h rntly conferred n m th title f Yogiraj. Ths means tht I hav attained th highest standard f yoga knowledge nd teaching n th ISHTA yoga lineage. I m nly th sond person t hve bn granted th title n th west. It vry great honour.

I teach fr wide range f need nd abilities. M private clients hve included bankers, actors, athletes, pre- nd post- natal women, mummies nd babies, nd th chronically ill. I hve taught group classes frm Beginner t Advanced.

From 2002-2006 I taught private individuals nd group classes t Yoga Works n LA City. A ne f Yoga Works’ senior teachers, I ws faculty member n thr highly respected teacher-training program. I hv led numerous yoga workshops nd retreats n th USA, Canada, nd internationally, and assisted Alan Finger t mny major yoga conferences, including Yoga Journal, Omega, nd Kripalu. yoga charms bracelet In th spring f 2006 I moved t Notting Hill, London, wher I nw teach group nd private classes. I m board member nd ne f th Yoga Campus Teacher Training Programme faculty, nd th head f ISHTA Teacher Trainings n Europe nd Canada.

My hope nd aim n teaching yoga s t transform m students, nsid nd out. Correct alignment thrugh asana (yoga postures) i th key t creating harmony nd balance n th body; pranayama (breathing) nd meditation re th keys t nnr peace nd tranquility f th mind nd spirit. Togethr w wll explore th innr nd outer worlds f th lf n ur search fr th truth.

I hav written articles fr Yoga Magazine UK nd hav hd weekly column n Metro newspapers worldwide. I hav l bn featured n Telegraph, The Nw York Times, Elle, Guardian, Tatler, BBC, Grove, Yoga Journal, Time Out London, nd Vogue.silver yoga charms