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What is the lemonade diet

Unless you have been under a rock all this while, you must have heard of the 3-day Detox diet or Master Cleanser Diet, more popularly known as the lemon diet. Do you know that your weight gain is partially caused by toxins and other waste products that get deposited in your body over time?

Lemon is said to act as a detoxifier by cleansing your body of all these toxins. When your body gets rid of these harmful toxins, it not only becomes lighter, but also healthier. Further, after going through detoxification, you would find it easier to lose weight. Now that you know about the pros of detoxification, let’s go into the actual detail of how far useful this lemon diet is.

Apart from cleansing your body of toxins and making you lose a few pounds of weight in the process, lemon diet has many other pros:

1. It boosts your energy level (FYI, a boost in energy level is actually an indication of a boost in your metabolic rate, and keep in mind that the higher your metabolic rate is, the faster you would be able to lose weight), so that you feel more energetic throughout the day.

2. It improves your digestive system, enabling you to digest foods faster and more efficiently. If you suffer from acidity and bloating, lemon diet is the ideal medicine for you.

3. The lemon diet educates you about right food choices through a food guide offered to its users for free. You would learn about toxins and how they harm your health. You should eat only those foods which are free from toxins. To save you headache, I will tell you that toxins are generally found in abundance in junk and fried foods, while they are almost non-existent in organic fruits and vegetables.

4. The lemon diet also teaches you how to maintain a weight loss journal. A weight loss journal is much like your regular accounting or journal book; the difference between the two is that instead of keeping records of your expenses and income, you would use the weight loss journal to keep a tab on your lifestyle habits.

You can use the journal to record things such as what you ate (be sure to include everything such as snacks, meals, occasional treats at parties, binge-eating, etc), how much you ate, and when. You also need to record your daily activity level: write about the types of outdoor activities you indulge in (such as walking, running, working out at a gym, swimming, dancing, playing sports, etc.), the amount of time you invest in such activities per day, and how often you do them.

All in all, I can safely conclude that the lemon diet is not a fad and I am sure you would get a lot more benefit from it than you might have gotten from other diets. Even if you have no interest in following the diet itself, you would still become a lot more educated regarding your food and lifestyle choices. So make sure you go for this one.