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What is the efficacy and function of aloe vera gel

Whether you think often face the computer, the skin becomes yellowish, and no gloss? Acne always came out, on the face left a small scar. Large pores and once in hot weather the face will be oil greasy? If you are unfortunate to have these skin problems, do not blindly buy a lot of skin care products. The aloe vera gel can easily solve your troubles.

The first efficacy of aloe vera gel: delay skin aging Mucus in the aloe vera gel contains a unique protein, and this substance is precisely to prevent cell aging and an important component of the treatment of chronic allergic. Aloe vera gel can have the effect on activating cell viability, delaying the skin aging, and convergence the skin.

The second efficacy of aloe vera gel: Nutrition moisturizing Amino acids and the complex polysaccharide substance constitute a natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which can complement the loss of water in the skin and restore the function of collagen, prevent facial wrinkles, and keep the skin soft, smooth and elastic.

The third efficacy of aloe vera gel: acne Aloe vera gel can be anti-inflammatory, inhibit inflammation, be drainage of secretions, promote local metabolism, nourish the skin, prevent keratosis, and convergence sores, promote cell regeneration, reduce or avoid scarring; according to Chinese Medicine, aloe has detoxification effect. It is very suitable topical drugs. It can prevent skin inflammation and allergies, bacterial growth, promote cell metabolism and skin regeneration, reduce pain and itching, has a curative effect in pimples, acne, allergies, redness and swelling.

The fourth efficacy of aloe vera gel of aloe vera gel: whitening and remove spots (1). Because of its containing natural whitening white factor, can penetrate into the skin to lock in moisture and repair damaged skin, restore the function of collagen, prevent facial wrinkles, keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic, (2). Polysaccharides and mucilage as occlusal sealing layer to form a solid cover layer can prevent the evaporation of water in the skin surface. (3). Aloe vera gel contains amino acids, organic acids, aloecin and other ingredients have the effect on inhibiting tyrosinase activity, and hindering the formation of melanin. (4). Aloe can enhance the microcirculation, promote cell metabolism, gradually remove pigment in the skin.

The fifth efficacy of aloe vera gel: sunscreen Some ingredients in aloe vera gel can form a layer of invisible film on the skin, to prevent swelling and burning sensation caused by the insolation, protect the skin from burning. This is because the Aloe Vera is rich in aspartic acid, glycine, serine and other amino acids that are beneficial to the skin metabolism, prevent UVA in sun damaging and oxidation of the epidermis, protect reduction of metabolic of epidermal cells and also have anti-radiation ability. Girls who are oily skin are afraid of sunscreen too much greasy, might as well consider using aloe vera gel to be sunscreen!

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