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What 20 habits Harvard University recommend help you reduce pressure

Summary: American writer Elbert Hubbard said: “happiness is a kind of habit, should be good at cultivating it.” American “Internet BBS” website, the newest article, is published 20 happy habits, are summed up by Cindy – HuoErBuLuKe, who is columnist of “overcome obstacles life” and the author of “Happiness Guide”, we might as well have a try. Be thankful life. Keep childlike wonder to life, carefully pay attention to the best of things around you, and cherish all what you have. Make friends carefully. Make friends with optimistic and like-minded people, can help you realize the dream, and also can help you to see your own advantages. Be considerate of others. Respect and be kind to others, learn to accept others’ personality and life, don’t try to change. Keep learning. Be never too old to learn. Pay attention to new related knowledge of your own profession and hobbies. Bold attempt to do some interesting things, such as skiing, surfing, diving, etc. Solve the problem. Believe in yourself, and face the challenge, put the difficult position as the opportunity, and learn to solve problems creatively. Do things you like. Choose a job you like, and remain time to develop hobbies, to meet your special interest. Enjoy life. Pay attention to the beauty around, such as see sunrise and sunset with lover together … Learn to live in the present, cherish the sight, and don’t live in the past or the future. Laugh. Don’t be too serious about your life. Try to find a bit of fun in life, timely make humor, to let the life full of laughter. Learn to forgive. Be resentment in the heart is an act of “self-mutilation”. Forgive others, can let oneself mood calm. At the same time, learn from mistakes and forgive yourself. Know how to be grateful. For any blessing, no matter what you should be grateful. The family, work and friends you have, should be gratitude, might as well tell them, because of them, you feel happy in the life. Strengthen interpersonal relationships. Keep some more time with your family and friends, and don’t break your promise, always support them. Honest and keep faith. Honesty is the best policy. Actions and decisions should be based on honesty. Have a clear conscience is the most dependable. Meditate. Practice yoga or za-zen and so on, helps to loosen body and mind, might as well have holidays for your mind. Focus on your own things. Concentrate on creating your own life you want, don’t be too careful about others what said or done or even rumors or abuse. Don’t do any judgment, because everyone has their own way to live. Keep optimistic attitude. When encounter things, please be optimistic. Nothing comes of nothing, use positive thinking instead of negative state of mind. Love unconditionally. Be good at accepting the personality of others. Don’t set any restriction condition for love. Nobody’s perfect, even if you don’t always like things your friends do, it doesn’t interfere with you continue to love them. Never says die. Face every challenge, and believes that all has been forward to the goal. Don’t give up you won’t fail. Be pursuit of anything of value, people can feel more happiness. Be positive action. Everyone has limits, so don’t waste energy on things that you can’t control, you should be active positive, not passive to wait. Take care of yourself. Ensure rest, sports and healthy diet, and often exercise your brain in the form of interesting and stimulating, active thinking. Be full of confidence. Know who you are, and what you are fond of. Do your best, don’t doubt yourself.

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