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Weight Loss With Gastric Band Surgery or Naturally

Weight loss happens in a similar way whether you risk the dangers of gastric band surgery or go it alone, losing weight naturally through adjusting to a healthier lifestyle, diet and exercise. After you have had gastric band surgery you still have to adjust the foods you eat and drastically reduce the portion sizes. So why not just do that, and lose weight naturally, instead of subjecting your body to the trauma of surgery?

A better question to ask yourself is what has stopped you from losing weight successfully? Or perhaps what changes when you undergo gastric band surgery? The answer of course boils down to the fact that once you have had this type of weight loss surgery you quite simply cannot eat more than small quantities of food; it becomes physically impossible.

And so even if you want to eat more, you cannot. In short, you do not have to have the will power to stick to a diet or pursue an exercise regime or to change your lifestyle when you have had this type of surgery. But the fact remains that your lifestyle does indeed change. You do alter the way in which you eat and the way in which you socialize. All this still has to happen, with or without the gastric band.

Weight loss surgery, like all surgery, does have risks and dangers attached. It is also expensive. If you are morbidly obese, however, you will be able to qualify for weight loss surgery through the NHS in the UK. A lot of overweight candidates perceive this as no cost/no risk. They turn a blind eye to the potentially unnecessary trauma to which they are subjecting their body. No cost definitely does not mean no risk in reference to going under the knife for weight loss surgery.

Some people are so keen to obtain this “quick fix” for weight loss at no cost that they will even go to great lengths to put on weight and become morbidly obese, thereby qualifying for free surgery. It is no wonder then that the figures released recently by the British Medical Journal reflect a tenfold increase in this type of weight loss surgery over the last ten years. It is also no wonder that the NHS is struggling as it attempts to deal with the extra weight of increasingly costly surgery.

The more people who undergo weight loss surgery, particularly celebrities, the more “normalized” it becomes in our minds. Instead of us thinking of weight loss surgery as a last resort, it becomes a more readily considered “every day” option. Unfortunately there are bound to be many side effects which we are as yet unaware of. Once these are properly highlighted, I wonder whether so many people will be as willing to go under the knife.

When you consider that you still have to eat less and you still have to change your lifestyle, why not search for other ways in which you can increase your commitment to losing weight naturally? Commitment or will-power really is the ingredient which is more frequently missing in the mind sets of people who want to lose weight. How often do you hear overweight people bemoaning the fact that they haven’t got the will power to say no, or that they just cannot change their lifestyle?