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Treadmill vs Elliptical Trainer Which is Better for Weight Loss

The weight loss industry is actually a billion dollar industry in the US today. Together with diet pills and supplements, exercise equipments are also among the products that consumers resort to when they need to lose weight. Let’s see how this treadmill vs elliptical trainer goes and which one is more effective for weight loss.

Treadmills still sell at higher rates than ellipticals, but the ellipticals are quickly growing in sales at a faster pace than ever before. So, if you are looking to lose some weight and get in shape, which machine will work out best for you?

Treadmills have been used for over a decade and are still the number one equipment being used, from the seasoned athletes to novice users. Simply put, it an easy machine with workout appeal because it requires no special skills to use it properly. You can program your own speed, pace and incline. You can try out different workout programs that are appropriate for your body conditions. The high-end models have MP3 docks and heart rate monitors in place for convenience and in keeping up with the digital times. Your workout can be intensely increased or toned down with the customizable programs in place. They can be folded to save space. Your lower back, knees and ankles do not get impacted very much or stressed out. In conclusion, a treadmill gives you a great lower body workout and can be exerted to any degree.

The elliptical trainer, on the other hand, is a relatively new fitness equipment but is fast growing in both popularity and sales among the same users of the treadmill. Instead of just offering a lower body workout, the elliptical offers a whole body workout, and yet users do not experience the impact of running. The elliptical concentrates on both the lower and upper body during use. The workout is a low impact one and is ideal for people with injured or weakened backs, knees, and ankles.

What should be your basic considerations when comparing the treadmill vs elliptical trainers for weight loss? Perhaps one is whether you are getting the workout that you really need while effectively losing the extra pounds. It’s true that the elliptical offers a more complete body workout but when it comes to burning the calories, the treadmill can also be very effective on that because brisk walking, jogging, and running also lets you expend a lot of energy.

So if you are deliberating between a treadmill vs elliptical trainer for weight loss, the best thing is for you to consider what type of workout you are looking to get and how much impact you are willing to endure. Treadmills are perfect for those into jogging or serious running, while ellipticals are ideal for upper body and low-impact workouts. Both however, can be of great help in helping you lose weight.