- Weight Loss

This site explains weight loss methods used in medical weight loss centers.

An individual with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 is considered obese. Diets and exercises can fail to achieve the desired weight loss and it is therefore advisable to seek medical weight loss centers to assist in weight loss for such individuals as they are at a high risk of developing heart diseases and diabetes. Well, let us discuss the weight loss programs that these centers offer.

Very low calorie diets offered in medical weight loss centers are commercial formulas that provide an individual with no more than 800 calories per day and they completely replace an individuals normal food intake. Common side effects of using these formulas include dizziness, mood swings, headaches and confusion.

The use of obesity drugs is another method used in medical weight loss centers. Meridia and Xenical are FDA approved drugs and they help decrease the body weight by up to 10%. Meridia reduces hunger by altering the brain chemistry while Xenical stops fats absorption in the stomach and intestines. Common side effects of these drugs include headache, insomnia, frequent bowel movement and rapid heartbeat.

Gastric bypass surgery is another method widely used in medical weight loss centers. The medical procedure shrinks the stomach by creating a small stomach pouch on top of the main stomach. The small intestine is then attached to the small pouch and the procedure forces the food digestion and travel to happen only through the upper pouch and the small intestines thus limiting the amount of food an individual can take at a time. Weight loss through this method can achieve results of up to 68% within the first year.

Biliopancreatic diversion (BPD) is a procedure carried out in medical weight loss centers where part of the stomach is removed. The intact stomach is then attached to the small intestines. In this method theres rapid weight loss as most food travels too fast through the small intestines and there is therefore no absorption of most nutrients and calories. BPD causes more weight loss than gastric bypass however it has more severe side effects like nausea, sweating, dumping syndrome, diarrhea right after eating and anemia. With this method, an individual can lose up to 80%.

Ensure that you consult your doctor before choosing any of these methods; they are irreversible and require one to have a life-long commitment of lifestyle change.