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The Evil Secrets Of Aerobics

In America, almost everyone who wants to lose weight are doing aerobics. This has always been the conventional workout for weight loss. But why are there still so many fat people around? People running their treadmills and are still their old selves at the end of every month? Truth of the matter is, aerobics isn’t the best exercise if you want to lose the fat.

1. If your mindset is that aerobic exercises are the best fat loss workout since it allows a high rate of calories burned, you have to think again. For example, an Australian study conducted tests on different exercise modes on two groups of subjects. As per the research report, while one group was put on intense interval training, the other was put on aerobics for twice the duration. Surprisingly, aerobics gave more room for weight gain while the others who weren’t on it lost a good sum of fat. There are sevral other studies conducted in different parts of the world that gave similar results.

2. Another myth is that a good fat loss solution is to do an hour of aerobics daily in the gym. On the contrary, it is not. Males who exercise an hour a day for 6 days a week will result to minimal weight loss.5lbs for the whole year. Moreover, the statistics can be more cruel to women who work their butts in the gym — six hours of hard work every week means approximately four pounds off their weight in a year.

3. Another common myth is that resistance training can increase your body’s metabolism. This holds true only if you bombard the client with intense strength training. With aerobics training coupled with low calorie diets you only affect your metabolic rate but on the negative side. Meaning, you have to take in scanty food to make sure you don’t bounce back to your original shape. The solution, however, comes in the form of resistance training done with a reliable gym. This type of training has the potential to boost your metabolic rate for a minimum of 36 hours.

You are one of the many victims of a longstanding black propaganda that purports aerobic exercises as the best fat loss program. Having an exercise regime designed particularly for you is the best way to lose weight or maintain your fitness. Sadly, nutritionists and dieticians are not the right people to get this idea from. Instead, you have to find an effective fitness instructor who can create tailored exercises and not just prescribe a ‘value meal’ exercise.

Moreover, you must be able to understand how and why your program is created that way, otherwise, you will not be able to easily focus on it.