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Tested And Proven Ways To Make Hair Grow Faster

Is there a way to make hair grow long and strong? Yes there is and in this article I will explain how anyone can make hair grow faster

Most people will say that the average rate of hair regrowth is between one half to one inch per month, this is false as it is nothing but an average. An average is not a true number and it is incorrect for most people as the majority of people ARE going through stunted new hair growth cycles. There are actually simple ways in which you can significantly improve rate at which you’ll be able to grow a healthy mane. Listed below are the proven ways to make hair grow faster

-get as much sleep as possible. The more you sleep the faster you make hair grow. So you want to snooze at the least eight hours every night, and take naps regularly.

– do some cardio and aerobic activity for at leas an hour a day. You need to do this at least three times a week

-Take Indian ginseng. This is also known as winter cherry. You need about 500 mg of this vitamin to boost your immune system and make hair grow faster

-Eat lots of protein; you need amino acids to build keratin which is what your mane is made off

Get a trim every two months. But make sure you do not cut or trim your hair just for the sake of trimming it. Remember that unless your hair is damaged at the ends there isn’t a reason to take them off

The simplest way to induce hair regrowth is to use a good herbal oil like Mira Hair oil with a scalp massage. This is done by using the palms of your hands and massaging the oil onto the scalp. Once the oil has dissipated wait an hour and then wash your hair out

The 2 most effective hair nutritional vitamins you need to take to grow hair long are biotin and Prenatal pills. Both are generally demonstrated in studies to develop a longer healthier mane. So take 200mcg of Biotin and a prenatal pill

Follow the above mentioned pointers and you may grow long hair fast