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Do you mind burning fats while having fun? This time you can drive away your blues while moving on your favorite groove and toning your physique. Sure, you can do all these at the same time when you step into the Cardio Salsa Program. Learn how you can readily do so given these interesting facts about the physical activity.

Also known as Zumba, Cardio Salsa has been created by Alberto Perez in Colombia. The fitness trainer accidentally left his aerobics tape intended for his class. As a result, he had to use the available Latin music material from his car. Such incident also compelled him to improvise the routines in order to suit non-traditional aerobic tunes.

Cardio Salsa is inspired by Latin music, particularly, Salsa and Merengue. Latin Salsa is characterized by Cuban music infused with modern beats of jazz, pop, rock, and rhythm and blues. Merengue music, moreover, happens to be the national music of the Dominican Republic. Other melodies used in the dance workout may include cumbia, flamenco, tango, and belly dancing music.

As a dance exercise, it takes pride of salsa and merengue moves fused with many different dances. Salsa dancing is a hybrid of African and Cuban Rumba, not to mention the Son Dance. Merengue dance, on the other hand, is consists of mimicked body movements that resemble an egg beater in action. Many other dances incorporated in such physical activity may include hip hop, samba, mambo, and the like.

Of course Zumba is a cardio exercise incorporated with aerobics, in addition to dance routines. That means you can anticipate for lively workout activities perfect to improve breathing and blood flow. In turn, you get to work on your circulatory system by stimulating oxygen and blood circulation.

Weight management is another health and fitness benefit of cardio salsa. The mix of slow and fast paced routines enables the trainee to shed off excess pounds. In particular, it burns around 500 to 1,000 calories per session thereby enabling you to get rid of unwanted fat deposits. Standard workout class usually lasts for one hour of dancing into basic cardio rhythms.

Apart from physical development, Zumba is also an avenue to develop your social skills. The workout class is an avenue for social interaction since trainees can mingle with the rest of the group members. Along the process, they also learn the value of self-discipline in order to successfully complete the program. As they attain ideal body form, they begin to develop self-esteem, too.

No need to worry though, cardio salsa is a fun activity. The program is a perfect way to unload your stress at the moment. In fact, the experience feels like partying in the coolest Latin clubs. Dance and aerobic routines are also free flowing so you wouldn’t have a hard time coping with one step to another.

Here is the catch! Zumba workout programs are customized according to the interest of trainees. No wonder, it comes in various genres like Zumba Gold (basic fun routines), Zumba Toning (body sculpting routines), Aqua Zumba (pool cardio routines), Zumbatomic (kiddie cardio routines), Zumba In The Circuit (strength building routines), and Zumba Gold Toning (fun strength training routines). Consequently, Zumba classes are being handled by over 20,000 instructors in approximately 35 countries as of 2009.

Feel free to have fun while shaping up courtesy of Cardio Salsa fitness program.

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