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Yoga Aerobics Gym Equipment – Aerobic bar, Yoga Exercise Mat

Yoga & Aerobics Gym Equipment

Yoga is a traditional exercise that can be done anytime throughout the day; and by people of almost any age and fitness level. Aerobics is an energetic activity that incorporates rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching workouts and strength exercises. >

World Fitness is an online store, offering affordable exercise equipment; in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

People like to practice yoga and perform aerobics; either alone or in groups. Yoga synchronizes our body, mind and spirit by doing breathing exercises in different postures; and by meditation. We supply various yoga & aerobics gym equipment as follows:

Aerobic bar

Aerobics develops muscles, improves flexibility and increases cardio-vascular fitness. Aerobic bar is a foam padded bar used in squats, lunges and aerobic weight training. A skipping rope assists boxers to improve swiftness, footwork and dexterity.

A fit ball benefits the whole body; and also tones, trims and tightens the abs, lower back, and leg muscles. The Pilates fitness machine uses our body resistance to shape and strengthen the physique through many exercises and natural movements.

Leg stretcher ensures gradual and complete stretching with soft foot rests, seat and adjustable back support. You can use an aerobic step for body co-ordination, burn fat and tone hips, thighs and calves; and combine weights, pushups etc. for upper body training.

Yoga Exercise Mat

You can perform a wide range of exercises in your home gym such as Pilates, yoga, aerobics, stretching, relaxing and meditating; using a thick, cushioned, folding, non-slipping yoga exercise mat that can be easily stored, maintained or carried away.

Stretch resistance bands are used for yoga, flexibility, Pilates, core exercises, strength training and increasing stretch. A spin bike for exercising at home has a smooth pedal; and digital display showing time, speed, distance, pulse and calories worked.

We also sell treadmill, kettle bell, inversion table, dumbbell, squat rack, boxing equipment, medicine ball, multi gym, power rack, weight bench, barbell, crossfit equipment, weight plate, elliptical cross trainer, trampoline, exercise bike, strength equipment, vibration platform, rowing machine, cable attachment etc.

World Fitness is an Australian based online store of fitness equipments that provides gym equipments, weight loss gym equipments, equipments for cardio, strength training equipment including treadmill, bench, dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, multistation home gym and many more.

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- Aerobics Cardio

Barbells For Strength Training, Olympic Barbell

Barbells for Strength Training

The increased awareness amongst people for staying fit has created a trend of joining gyms or exercising at home. Today, several manufacturers are supplying various types of exercise equipment that suit your lifestyle, health goals and budget.

Body building usually consists of using weights for developing huge and tough muscles. You can either use different types of exercise machines or simply use the basic dumbbells and barbells for strength training. Strength training helps to build muscles, maintain good flexibility and leads to overall efficiency of the human body.

Standard Barbell

Both ancient and modern body builders have accepted barbells as the most effective exercise equipment. A barbell is a popular gym equipment; commonly used for strength training and weight lifting. Barbells can hold large amounts of weight, to simultaneously build multiple muscles, especially the chest and legs muscles. A standard barbell is usually one inch thick all the way, with wide rings at the end sections. It is a single piece of metal without rotating parts useful for performing many exercises. Other variants include hammer bar and EZ curl bar in different lengths and weights. World Fitness is a renowned online store in Australia presenting a broad array of fitness equipment including barbell, dumbbell, aerobic step, spin bike, elliptical cross trainer, medicine ball, squat rack, weight bench, treadmill, trampoline, vibration platform etc.

Olympic Barbell

An Olympic barbell comprises of a solid bar with rotating sleeves. This enables the discs to spin on their own axis, allowing the lifter to easily move down; under the bar. It is can be used with Olympic plates in both commercial gymnasium and home gym.

The Olympic EZ curl bar is another type of barbell used for biceps curls, dead lifts, bent rows, overhead tricep press, lying triceps and many other exercises. This curved bar allows the user a more comfortable grip, thereby reducing the risk of stress injury.

World Fitness also supplies weight plate, exercise equipment, kettlebell, exercise bike, rowing machine, boxing equipment, multi gym, crossfit equipment, strength equipment, inversion table, power rack, cable attachment and accessories at affordable rates; within many areas of Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Victoria, Hobart, New South Wales, Canberra, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Queensland, South Australia and Melbourne.

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Gym Equipments – Home Gym Equipments, Commercial Gym Equipments, Buy Cheap Gym Fitness Equipment

With increasing health consciousness among people, fitness equipments have become important social necessities for exercise and work out to maintain healthy and shapely body. Depending on the requirement of exercise various exercising equipments are designed to exercise, shape or tone different organs of the body. Manufactured in wide ranges of gym equipments, these exercising products are now-a- days available for both home and commercial requirements. World Fitness is one such online store of gym equipments that provides both home gym equipments and commercial gym equipments at cheaper rates and best delivery services.

Home gym equipments:

With busy working schedules many people find it difficult to join fitness centers for work out due to unsuitable time of the gyms. Besides this, many of them may feel uncomfortable to exercise in front of strangers. In these cases acquiring own gym at home can be the best option. A broad category of home fitness equipments can now be possessed at affordable rates and utmost convenience from home with outstanding delivery services of World Fitness. Being an Australian based home fitness equipment company, World Fitness is a leading supplier of home gym fitness equipments that are designed to provide an ultimate experience of exercising comfortably at home. Choose right equipments that train your entire body, build strength and endurance, and can last a long time with little or no maintenance is the primary consideration while opting for home gym.

Dumbbells are the best gym equipments for strength training. They not only provide exercise for major muscle groups but also target secondary and stabilizer muscles. Generally used for building muscles or as strength trainers, the dumbells we provide can help to increase body metabolism to burn off more calories. Best ranges of kettlebells provided by us are the weights with handles ideal for total body high impact workouts. Falling under the sought after category of weight loss gym equipments they can help to burn nearly 400 calories in a 20 minute workout. When it is matter of cardiovascular exercise nothing can be as efficient as a treadmill which is considered staple gym equipment for cardio to make heart, lungs and legs muscles stronger. Offered in motorised and non-motorised varieties our home treadmills are the best sources for cardio workout at home which can be folded up after workout thus saving large amount of space. Our standard weight plates made of cast iron and rubber coating that can be attached to the barbells or weight machines for perfect arm muscle exercises. These plates have open areas on them, making them easier to grip when putting them on machines. The multistation home gym offered by us is featured with high quality padding and upholstery for a perfect solution for arm and chest supported mid-row exercises. Designed with multiple workout options, this workstation provides health club quality strength training for up to three people simultaneously. Inversion therapy is an effective way to treat many conditions of the spine. Our inversion table exercise equipment is an easy to use product that helps to relieve back pain, decompress spine stretch, back and muscles to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Commercial gym equipments:

As the best online supplier of gym fitness equipments, World Fitness offers commercial fitness equipment as perfect exercising solution for professional use in fitness clubs, wellness centres, sports associations and rehabilitation centres. We offer special discount prices on commercial dumbell sets that are available in different weight ranges like 110 kgs, 275 kgs and 775 kgs. These sets come with stand or rack that will save a lot of floor space. Olympic barbells are the best equipments for upper body strength exercises that are found in most of the commercial gyms. The olympic barbell sets available with us are equipped with best combinations of olympic weight plates that can be easily changed to meet different exercise requirements. These are ideal kits for olympic lifts. One can now find easier options of toning and shaping entire body with incline flat bench and decline bench press equipments available with us. With highest build quality and adjustable bench positions these are perfectly affordable kits of benches and strength equipment for intense workouts at commercial gym. We also offer long lasting ranges of smith machines, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes, aerobic step and rowing machines which are the basic cardio equipments found at any commercial gym.Also known as med balls, the medicine balls are common sight at any gym. Available in different colors we provide 10 kg balls which are flexible to exercise any area of your body, whether upper, lower, or core.

If you are in search of high quality fitness equipments, come explore our website to acquire best branded gym and fitness products at cheaper rates than market.