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The Best Way To Burn Abdominal Fat

If you want to know about the best and the most appropriate flat stomach exercise, discover and learn cardio exercise. Oftentimes, many individuals have thought of sit-ups as the best form of exercise to lose abdominal fats and to flatten stomach. The truth is sit-ups really are not that effective for burning stomach fats. To lose abdominal fat is actually to engage in doing cardio exercises.

The main focus of every cardio exercise to flatten abs is to increase the speed of your pulse rate. A fast pulse rate triggers and stimulates the start up process for burning calories. The process of burning calories through cardio exercise never stops right away after the session. Your body will continue to burn fat after a few hours from the session. By keeping a regular exercise or at least 3-4 times a week, you are continuing the burning fat process. The burning procedure will automatically work for you after a series of cardio exercise.

Cardio exercise comes in various forms. Some forms are preferably done in slow pace while a few have to be done from moderate to fast pace. There are many individuals who do cardio exercise starting from slow pace to moderate and then slowly turns to fast pace. Anyhow, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to perform a flat stomach exercise in fast pace to burn fat.

I have determined some of the common forms of cardio exercise to provide you an idea of what cardio exercise is. These are typical cardio exercise to flatten abs which you can easily perform at home.

Step Aerobics

Most women do this particular form of cardio exercise. If you don’t want to do step aerobics at home, you can enroll in a step aerobics class in gyms or fitness centers. Step aerobics are mainly exercising your hips, legs, knees and gluts but contributes much to stomach fat burning. If you want to burn more calories, try to do step aerobics from moderate to fast pace. For 20-40 minutes of exercise, you burn an average of 400 calories. With the huge amount of calories you can burn from simply doing step aerobics, you can lose abdominal fat so easily.


Bicycling is another great cardio exercise which when done for 20-40 minutes can burn an average of 250 to 500 calories. Both stationary and outdoor bicycling generates the same amount of output. If you want to flatten your abs in a shorter time, bicycle more often than usual.


Running is a very effective form of cardio exercise. You can lose as much as 300 calories when running for 20-40 minutes. By simply jogging early in the morning or in the afternoon when it’s not so hot anymore, you are already doing a lot to lose abdominal fat.


This is the simplest form of cardio exercise which can let you burn 180 calories for 20-40 minutes. If you walk through hilly path you increase the amount of calories burned. Walking from regular speed to a faster speed can burn a lot more calories than the average.


Swimming is a known form of cardio exercise that is best known as an effective way of losing fat. There are particular swimming strokes like breast stroke which enable you to lose 400 calories for every 20-40 minutes of swimming.

But keep in mind that all your efforts put into exercising can be useless if you don’t pair it with having a healthy diet. Get rid of eating unhealthy foods. Know more about those foods which are rich in nutrients and with zero calories. An effective flat stomach exercise should always go along with a healthy and balanced diet; otherwise, you will just be wasting your effort and time.