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Spin bike is lighter than exercise bikes. Spin bike comes with narrow handles like outdoor cycling bikes and have one wheel at the front. The seat is also very narrow in case of spin bike. Exercise bikes are larger and console on it makes easy to identify having wide seat. Spin Bike and exercise bikes are very much useful for good cardiovascular workouts. They work on cellulite and the muscles of legs and posterior. Both bikes are stationary pieces of equipment and adjustable for workout. Spin bike also called as spinning bike is popular form of indoor exercise providing low impact and high intensity cardiovascular workout building good strength and endurance. There are various kinds of spin bikes are available in the market as per the requirement like traditional upright commercial bikes, spin bikes, street bikes mounted on an indoor trainer etc. In spin bike one can adjust the saddle angle, seat height, seat fore/aft position and handlebars. On spin bike you can manually control your exercise intensity, resistance and speed. There are various programs come with the bike.
Exercise bikes are good for losing excessive weight. Exercise bike is easy to use occupying very small space, user friendly and cost effective. There are two class of exercise bikes are available in the market. Recumbent bikes and the upright bike. Recumbent exercise bikes are newer than other classes and well known for switching one”s body position in semi reclining one. It is more comfortable than others. Upright exercise bikes are known as stationary bikes. Exercise bike is good for low stress workout, useful in low back pain and aerobic workout and good for back pain. Aerobic workout helps to condition and strengthen the muscles and keep the spinal code healthy and normal which reduces back pain. Even exercise bikes workout reduces chronic low back pain. Exercise bike workout provides gentle, low impact exercise without putting heavy stress on the spinal code. Even riding on exercise bike makes powerful the muscle groups and improves back supports. worldfitness, an Australian online gym portal offers various exercise bikes and spin bike for the worldwide customers, It even offers home gym and commercial gym fitness equipments like kettelbells, treadmills, boxing equipment, weight plates, cheap protein powder, bodybuilding supplements, recumbent bikes, elliptical cross trainer etc.