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My Review Of Running Twister Why Im No Longer A Couch Potato

Despite all of the documented benefits of exercise, Ive always been the type of person who didnt make time for fitness in my daily schedule. Going to the gym was out of the question — its expensive and takes too long to get there. The bright lights at the gym are annoying, too. Running on the treadmill at home is convenient, but after a while, its boring.

I knew that I had to try to shake things up somehow. If you have an office job like I do, you know that you cant keep your midsection toned if youre sitting all day in the same position. Even if you take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, its just not enough to shape and sculpt your body. I count calories, but exercise is the only way to boost your mood. I knew that it was time for a change, so I decided to give Running Twister a chance.

Because the price isnt exorbitant, this was just the kind of fitness machine that I was willing to try out. I didnt have one thousand dollars to throw at equipment, but I could afford this model. And because its compact enough to store, I didnt have to worry about it ruining the aesthetics and decor of my living room. It fits in the hallway closet.

Rather than making exercise a chore on my to-do list, I decided to make it something that I would do while enjoying TV. That way, I could fulfill my need for watching television while moving at the same time. I could ramp up my intensity during commercials because advertisements dont require my total focus the way that some spellbinding movies and shows do.

Running Twister helped me get off the couch because it makes working out more palatable. Its a lot of fun to twist around, and I could feel it working my abs. Sometimes Id bounce while using the resistance bands, but other times Id do more creative moves with the equipment.

I found that the exercises help sculpt and tone my arms, middle, and rear without straining my muscles and joints. Most workouts stress my knees, back, and neck, but Running Twister isnt jarring like springting or jumping is. It is advertised as a low-impact form of exercise, and it definitely is. You can bump up the intensity as you wish. I think its the right kind of equipment for anyone who has trouble finding the motivation and time to exercise.