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Follow A Quick Cardio Work Out Schedule For A Healthy Heart

There are many ways of staying fit and healthy. Many types of work out schedules are designed and developed to help people stay fit and lose excess body fat. Cardio work out is one of the important regimes that help in maintaining a healthy heart. A cardio work out schedule is considered effective if your heart rate is up by 60 percent for its maximum 3o minutes of working out. There are many ways of doing it and few are discussed below-

Cardio Workout using Aerobics This style of work out schedule improves heart and lung function and burns more calories. You can do it either at home or at the gym easily by following few steps. Aerobics is considered the best cardio work outs as it involves entire body muscles and ensures building of muscle mass in the body.

Power Walking, Jogging and Running Cardio work out schedule is complete when maximum body muscles are being involved in the activity. Normal activities like walking, jogging and running can be done in an effective way to achieve a good heart rate. This helps heart to function at a greater pace and supply oxygen to all parts of the body. Thus, resulting into burning of more calories and loss of weight over time. The best part of all these working out styles is that the user can set and push his own limits.

Cardio workouts using exercise equipment Treadmills and exercise bikes are the best cardio machines. They are an excellent way to get a great cardio work out that can be used conveniently at the gym or at home. They give best results and burn fat by setting certain speed and intensity levels. The user can easily set different work out schedules and preset programs for achieving his fitness goals. These machines are designed to provide high intensity and low intensity work out levels to the user. Anybody can begin with low intensity levels gradually increasing the speed and other settings and move on to higher intensity level. Treadmills are recommended often to people looking for weight loss options and overall fitness gains.

One can discuss all the above working out styles with a fitness expert and choose the suitable style to follow. It is said a healthy heart is the key to a fit and happy lifestyle. So start following a cardio work out for a happy living.