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First Time At The Gym

Hello Newcomer. Welcome to the Gym! So very nice to see you here. It’s not that scary, trust me.

I know everything looks complicated when you first walk in here.

Oh, I know all the machines that do this and that look like you need some kind of degree to know how to run them, but don’t worry, I work here at the Gym and I know you’re new so I’m going to show you how to use each piece of equipment that is right for YOU to use.

Oh, and did I mention that you don’t have to learn ALL of the machines and equipment. At least not right away. First time out you’ll probably want to learn the basics and get going on a program written just for you and your goals. You can learn the other stuff as you go, as your programs change.

And another thing, not ALL of the machines are right for you anyway. Some of them are either the wrong size or have the wrong ROM (range of motion) for your body size. So don’t let the number of machines here intimidate you.

Seeing as we’re on the subject of machines, let me tell you something I strongly believe. Machines are great for someone JUST starting out, who has never exercised before but ultimately you want to work your way over to the free weights section. Trust me when I tell you that free weights promote use of more muscles, better balance and stability as well.

Plus, free weights let you work with a range of motion that’s exactly right for YOUR body, and no one else’s. How you move could be completely different to the guy standing next to you and machines generally all limit your range of motion so once you’re more experienced, try to stick to the free weights.

And if you’re a woman, please don’t be afraid of the heavier weights. Sure, they’re heavy (that’s the point, isn’t it?) but if you don’t give your muscles some work they can FEEL then you won’t be affecting any change whatsoever in your muscles. Unless you are rehabilitating from an injury, please get heavier than the little pink 3lb dumbbells you find in most Ladies Areas. Try to see your way clear to working out in the big weight room with the guys and the serious women.

And, no just to allay your fears: you will not bulk up and look too muscular. Women just aren’t built that way, we don’t have nearly enough testosterone in our bodies to get big muscles like the men do. What you will accomplish, however, is a toned, trim and shapely looking body. That’s the goal, right?

Plus, if you add a little lean muscle to your body you’ll burn calories at an accelerated rate. Trained muscle burns more calories, even at rest, than untrained muscle does. So, that’s going to help you keep the fat at bay.

One final note as you step into your new gym. Please don’t be intimidated by the other people here, no matter how buff they look and no matter overweight you feel you look. Everyone is here for the same reason, and that’s to get and keep in good shape. They are too focused on their own workouts to pay much attention to anything else. And if they HAVE noticed you, then most likely they’re thinking “Good for her/him, getting in shape” and you’ve got their respect for taking the step towards better health.

So don’t be afraid. Trust me, once you get over your initial fears, and embrace the Gym you’re going to LOVE IT!

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Jackie Burgmann is a Registered Weight Trainer and Registered Personal Trainer who also runs a popular fitness-oriented video blog using the pseudonym Girlwithnoname. Jackie stays in great shape by working out primarily in and around her home in the city and blogs about her challenges and successes with her fitness routines. She also manages an Online Fitness Coaching program and provides inspiration and tips for anyone else interested in getting in shape or working out.