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Barbells For Strength Training, Olympic Barbell

Barbells for Strength Training

The increased awareness amongst people for staying fit has created a trend of joining gyms or exercising at home. Today, several manufacturers are supplying various types of exercise equipment that suit your lifestyle, health goals and budget.

Body building usually consists of using weights for developing huge and tough muscles. You can either use different types of exercise machines or simply use the basic dumbbells and barbells for strength training. Strength training helps to build muscles, maintain good flexibility and leads to overall efficiency of the human body.

Standard Barbell

Both ancient and modern body builders have accepted barbells as the most effective exercise equipment. A barbell is a popular gym equipment; commonly used for strength training and weight lifting. Barbells can hold large amounts of weight, to simultaneously build multiple muscles, especially the chest and legs muscles. A standard barbell is usually one inch thick all the way, with wide rings at the end sections. It is a single piece of metal without rotating parts useful for performing many exercises. Other variants include hammer bar and EZ curl bar in different lengths and weights. World Fitness is a renowned online store in Australia presenting a broad array of fitness equipment including barbell, dumbbell, aerobic step, spin bike, elliptical cross trainer, medicine ball, squat rack, weight bench, treadmill, trampoline, vibration platform etc.

Olympic Barbell

An Olympic barbell comprises of a solid bar with rotating sleeves. This enables the discs to spin on their own axis, allowing the lifter to easily move down; under the bar. It is can be used with Olympic plates in both commercial gymnasium and home gym.

The Olympic EZ curl bar is another type of barbell used for biceps curls, dead lifts, bent rows, overhead tricep press, lying triceps and many other exercises. This curved bar allows the user a more comfortable grip, thereby reducing the risk of stress injury.

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