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Focus Your Way to a Fitter Body

In todays fast-paced society we`re bombarded by a thousand different things at once. As such, its often difficult to get anything done. And the same goes for your workouts.

Ill explain what I mean in just a second but let me first clarify why focus not multi-tasking needs to be your modus operandi if you want to reach your fitness goals.

For some reason, we`ve been told that multi-tasking is good and that if we can juggle several plates at once, then we`ll get more done. But the reality is that mulit-tasking can take a toll on your brain and your results.

In a study of 14 participants who underwent an MRI, researchers at Vanderbilt University found that when people try to juggle two tasks at once, a bottleneck occurs in information processing. The posterior lateral prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is involved in decision making, delayed one task until the other was complete.

Another study, by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, involved 14 participants (mean age 26) who were asked to learn a task under two conditions. They learned one task without any distractions. Then they learned another task while listening to, and trying to count, a series of beeps. Not surprisingly, their ability to recall how to do the task later on was much better when they learned it without distraction.

Preliminary research also suggests that maintaining focus, on the other hand, might help build brain tissue. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital conducted MRI studies of people who regularly practice meditation, and found that compared with controls, they had more gray matter (brain cells) in areas associated with attention and sensory processing.

Okay, so what does all this have to do with you achieving your health and fitness goals?

Well, everything really!

Let me give you an example of a typical person working out in the gym. They show up with no plan. Wander around trying to improvise their workout as they go. Become distracted by talking to other people, reading a magazine, or watching TV remember we`re still in the gym here.

The result a sub-par workout. And if this continues sub-par results!

You see, when most people go workout they don`t have a specific workout that they`re going to follow. So they do a little bit of everything. Their workout is not focused it is scattered.

As a result, they don`t achieve much other than being able to brag to their friends that they went to the gym.

I don`t know about you

But for me, results speak louder than words any day of the week.

And, in order to get results, you need to be focused not only on your ultimate goal but also on the process that will take you there.

Focus is one of the qualities that will help you achieve tremendous health and fitness success.

In fact, it`s one of the greatest qualities of the world`s top fitness pros.

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Yoga Health News

Yoga Health Foundation announces Yoga Month 092008, a global awareness campaign to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Los Angeles, November 05, 2007 The Yoga Health Foundation, a non-profit organization registered in California, has announced Yoga Month 092008, a grassroots, community-based global campaign to educate people about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Month is a year-round campaign and will peak September 2008 with millions of health & socially conscious individuals practicing yoga at thousands of yoga studios, parks and homes around the globe.

The 10 City Yoga Month Tour featuring lectures and concerts will visit yoga-passionate cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Austin, Denver and San Diego.

Yoga has been practiced for the last 5,000 years and transformed into one of the most popular and effective methods to balance body mind, stay flexible, fit and healthy and prevent disease – mainly because it works., says Johannes R. Fisslinger, president of the Yoga Health Foundation and initiator of the Yoga Month campaign.

Yoga is attracting North American participants in numbers as high as 20 million. A recent Harris poll revealed that more than 100 million North Americans would like to practice Yoga for its health benefits.

With many Hollywood celebrities like Gwenyth Paltrow, Madonna, Russell Simmons, Courtney Cox and Nicholas Cage, Meg Ryan, Ricky Martin practicing yoga and 27 billion spent in yoga-related products even traditional advertisers are paying attention.

The extensive list of current Yoga Month partners include magazines like Fit Yoga, Yoga+ Joyful Living, LA Yoga, Yogi Times, Yoga Journal, Yogamates.com, Whole Life Times, studios like Yogaworks, Exhale, Jiva Mukti, Power Yoga, Dahn Yoga and Bikram Yoga and teachers like Seane Corn, Hala Khouri, Bryan Kest, Nike’s Margo Kellison, Larry Payne, Shiva Rea.

Yoga Month will benefit local community leaders and inspire sustainable healthy lifestyle projects like Yoga for Kids, at-risk-youth, breast health or AIDS prevention.

For more information and for Yoga Studios & Teachers, Community Leaders and Media & Sponsors sign up, please visit www.yogamonth.org.

Find out about the Cost of Poor Health and why Yoga Month 092008 will make a difference in the future of health care.

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Reading Nutrition Labels Helps Maintain Success Of Lap Band Surgery

After your Los Angeles lap band procedure, it is important to change your relationship with food. If you don’t, chances are likely that you will regain all the weight that is lost through the lap band procedure. One of the key elements in helping change your relationship with food is knowing what you eat.

Knowing what you eat begins with knowing how to read food labels. Food labels have three different sections. First is the at-a-glance information about the contents. The second is more detailed information about the break-down of the food. The third area is a list of ingredients.

At-A-Glance Information

When you look at a food label, there will be a big heading that says Nutrition Facts. Underneath this heading is information about the servings and calories. The first item identifies the serving size per container. This line is important to pay attention to because all the rest of the information in the nutrition label is based on this fact. Just because the packaging looks like the contents are meant for one serving, doesn’t mean it is. For example, a mini pizza may actually indicate that a serving size is one fourth of the pizza not the entire pizza.

Following the serving size is the number of servings in the container. Next listed is the number of calories in a serving. It is worth emphasizing that the number of calories listed is not the number of calories in the whole container, but the number of calories in each serving! This section also contains the number of fat calories per serving.

Break-down of Nutrients

Either underneath or to the side of the at-a-glance information are the individual nutrients. In a table format, this section breaks down the amounts found in total fat, types of fat, protein, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugars, and protein. Usually listed are two numbers, the amount in grams or milligrams followed by a percentage amount. The percentage amount is a percentage of daily caloric in-take based on a 2,000 calorie diet. These percentages are only valid for 2,000 calories. If your diet is more or less than that, don’t pay attention to the percentages. Instead, calculate that information based on your dietary plan.

List of Ingredients

The final section of a nutrition label is the ingredients. These are listed in order of highest to lowest. Be careful, though, there are more ways than one to list ingredients. For example, sugar can be high fructose corn syrup, sugar cane, molasses, etc.

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Weight loss in Los Angeles

Before you look for common programs that are assisting patients with weight loss in Los Angeles, strive to find a healthy balanced diet, refrain from eating in excess, and exercise frequently to maintain your weight; a stitch in time saves nine.

Many people all over the world have been trying many weight loss methods, some working better than others and some that do not work at all. This is no different from weight loss in Los Angeles. Some of the methods that have been proven successful include counting calories which is an old, tried and tested method whereby one counts the number of calories that taken per day.

Weight loss in Los Angeles also includes a nutri-system where you pay for balanced meals which will be delivered to your doorstep; they are costly, but are very successful if followed promptly. Another method of weight loss which is effective is behavior therapy. Remember that for you to keep off weight permanently a significant change in eating habits and lifestyle is necessary. Patients are taught how to avoid unhealthy habits and these behaviors are reinforced to help achieve long term weight loss.

In the event that one is morbidly obese, laparoscopic surgery is one of the most effective methods. A surgeon performs this surgery using a camera to avoid making a major incision, manipulates the camera to view the internal body structure, and then performs precise incisions while performing gastric bypass. Trauma to the body is minimized thus making postoperation pain and recovery time very minimal. This is a very advanced and effective surgery for treating obesity. It has further made weight loss in Los Angeles easier to handle due to the minimal side effects.

Another method is the revised surgery for failed bariatric surgery. Although surgeries offer 100% guarantee of weight loss for patients, some patients do not respond well to such surgery and in such cases, the revised surgery procedure is carried out. The procedure converts gastric banding to gastric bypass or vice versa, with a new procedure that requires no incision. These advanced surgical procedures reduce post surgical complications and help patients to focus on their weight and health goals.

Weight loss in the city of Los Angeles has become easier with the many weight loss centers offering remarkable support for the different weight loss programs offered. Choose one tailored-made to suit your goals and to help avoid frustrations.

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Continue Your Fitness With Sports Coaching Services

Every person is fond of various types of sports and games and you know sports keep the persons active and dynamic all the time. If you want to maintain your body fitness play games that will boost energy inside your body and you will be fit always. Life gets once and you should utilize its for various purposes and first of all the most important thing required that is how you will make your lifestyle better always. To make the lifestyle best for lifetime it is important to play games what is your favorite one and show your interest in it. Yes, the sports in which you are very much interested incline towards that sport activity.

You can play any of your sport to bring a proper shape of fitness so, you can practice the sports whatever you select to do daily exactly. You must have to practice any of your preferred sport on the ground anywhere where you feel comfortable. Sport is one of the best medicines to stay healthy from physically and emotionally also. To stay fit from mental to physical only sport is the perfect way to get healthier and fitness body.

As you go with the sports performance riverside services then you don’t have to put much more efforts whereas, with our best services you will get the performance of the sports at the riverside and without getting into any trouble you can learn your sports within exact duration only. Within just few hours this sport performance service will give you classes step by step and you will be able to grab that knowledge so immediately.

Our performance coaching San Diego can help you out and easily they will go ahead to teach every step carefully to the people who want to learn and practice on their regular basis about the better sports performance exactly. Just in few days you can simply able to get those all great techniques to learn those all important steps that provides your mental peace as well.

Another the sports psychology Los Angeles they assist you emotionally and if you are suffering from any injury and can’t able to recover your sports activity as you have got injured so badly then no problem in it because with the help of the sport psychology you can get better life and again you feel that you have woke up with new dawn and newborn life as those entire environments make you fresh and stress free.

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Get In Shape Faster With A Home Gym

Every month many people pay money to gyms and health clubs for use of their equipment and facilities. While some people dont mind driving to an off-site location to exercise, others prefer the convenience of working out at home. There are some companies in Los Angeles, CA that sell new and used fitness equipment and that repair equipment for home gyms. These and other fitness equipment retailers around the country can help a person set up a custom home gym that will always be ready when one wants to exercise.

A trip to a local fitness equipment store can help people select the equipment they need for their home gym. There are so many brands to choose from such as True, Evo and Waters. One can ask for recommendations on several top brands at several price points. Aside from brand considerations, people can get equipment recommendations for the type of exercise they plan on doing. Used equipment can often be a very good deal. Even if one can only add a few used machines to a home gym that will still save considerable money versus buying all new equipment.

Many people like to buy a variety of equipment as it can get boring to do the same exercise every day. Its also not a good idea to concentrate on one exercise, but better to work out a variety of muscle groups. Some people buy a treadmill, an exercise bike and a set of weights. Others like even more challenging equipment such as a stepper or an elliptical machine. Ellipticals offer a lot of variety so people can exercise in ways that are right for them. Its possible to walk, run, climb or lunge with an elliptical machine. They also allow people to pursue lower body and total body exercise regimens and some elliptical machines feature up to 20 resistance levels.

Once one selects the equipment the next step is to have the retailer deliver and set it up. Some home fitness retailers offer exemplary customer service and specialize in home gym setup. Other retailers offer even more services. They not only deliver and assemble the exercise equipment, they also assign a trainer to the customer to get the customer started on training. Customers can continue to work with these trainers over time to achieve their fitness goals. People shopping for home gym equipment who need the benefit of a personal trainer may wish to inquire about these customized training services.

While a person can either buy fitness equipment at a department store or order it online, its a good idea to consider purchasing home gym equipment from a specialized retailer. These retailers can deliver and set up the equipment and some will even assign a trainer to help people learn how to achieve their fitness goals. Having a gym at home can be a powerful workout motivator. All of this personal attention in ones home can make life easier for people who may make excuses to themselves about driving to the gym to work out.