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Refurbished Fitness Equipment Synopsis The Livestrong 12.9e Incline Elliptical Cross Trainer

Every person has a hero or perhaps more than one, who we like and think highly of. In the sporting world, one such hero is cycling great Lance Armstrong. Besides being a remarkable athlete, he is the victor over a hard fight with cancer, plus is a spirited cyclist with too many wins to name. As a result, when Lance Armstrong endorses a line of fitness equipment, it captures everyone’s attention. Even though it may not be feasible to everyone to pay for a brand new Armstrong machine, the answer to that might be to look for a sale on refurbished fitness equipment. Below are some facts regarding the Livestrong 12.9E incline elliptical cross trainer.


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Main Components:

This elliptical trainer is an exceptionally popular type of fitness equipment. It gives an effectual total body workout which awards you with important cardiovascular gains too. These machines are not difficult to use, and the 12.9E is no exception. it is loaded with every component that is required for your workout to run smoothly. Featuring 10 fitness programmes, this elliptical will positively work right along with you and your desires to become more physically fit. Buying the 12.9E as a piece of refurbished fitness equipment allows lots of people to afford it. Just plug your in iPod, MP3 player or other audio device, and get going! It contains high-quality audio speakers in addition to a practical headphone jack. One more element you will be glad to have is the 12.9E power incline, that permits you to challenge yourself more and make the most of your workout by obtaining excellent results in a shorter time span. A handy reading rack helps out as well.


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Item Specifics:

The 12.9E features a large 20″ (51cm) stride that will accommodate virtually any user. It features 20 resistance levels in addition to 21 incline levels so the trainer can be regulated for a wide assortment of fitness levels. The flywheel weighs 10kg. To change settings on the fly, the machine has 10 keys for quickly changing the resistance and incline. The programmes include the following workouts: manual, interval, weight loss, constant watts, random, reverse train, 2 incline and 2 custom. The innovative Livetrack fitness journal monitors our growth.

Product Specifications:

The trainer tracks heart rate by means of sensors contained in the hand grips. It does not fold for storage, and weighs 97.5kg (gross weight) and 89.8kg (net weight). The weight of the product at the time it is packed for shipping is called gross weight. The 12.9E will support a maximum user weight of 147kg (23st). A hook up to the main power is necessary; it’s made for home use. Open dimensions: 190cm x 73cm x 173cm (L x W x H). It contains a lifetime guarantee on the frame, and three years on parts, plus a year on labour.

Closing Remarks:

If you desire a long-term, choice piece of refurbished fitness equipment, give some though to the Livestrong 12.9E incline elliptical cross trainer. It will please you to know that a share of all sales is goes toward supporting the Armstrong Livestrong Foundation, an institution dedicated to battling cancer.