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Ephedra Diet Pills – Safe Alternatives

What is Ephedra?

Ephedra is from a plant called Ephedra sinica has been used for more than 5,000 years and was originally used by the Chinese to treat allergies and asthma. Becoming popular during the 1980s, Ephedra was used in many diet pills and sports supplements.

Ephedra-containing dietary supplements have been linked to a high rate of serious side effects and a number of deaths

Ephedra Diet Pills Banned by FDA

Ephedra diet pills, especially those with higher levels of ephedra, have been linked to a variety of serious conditions, including: chest pains, seizures, elevated blood pressure, irregular or racing heartbeat, stroke, heart attack, and even death.

in 2001, Minnesota Vikings player, Korey Stringer, died of a heatstroke. Ephedra was noted as being a contributor in the athlete’s death. In place of these dangerous and illegal drugs, it is recommended that consumers turn to 100% natural, side effect free diet pills.

Ephedra Free Diet Pills

With the choice available today for weight loss diet pill supplements you don’t need to turn to dangerous ephedra based diet pills. There are many 100% natural and clinically proven diet pills that are effective in shifting your excess weight. Two diet pills that have proven to be effective for weight loss are UniqueHoodia and Zotrim.

UniqueHoodia – Strongest appetite suppressant

UniqueHoodia uses Hoodia Gordonii as an all-natural appetite suppressant. The product dramatically reduces caloric intake, causing the individual to lose weight every day.

Each capsule contains 460mg of pure Hoodia Gordonii — no other fillers, binders, or other unnecessary ingredients and UniqueHoodia offers a six-month guarantee.

Zotrim – Herbal fat burning slimming aid

Zotrim also offers an effective, all-natural alternative to ephedra diet pills, without the ephedra side effects.

Zotrim helps you to reduce your caloric intake by making you feel fuller faster. This reduces snacking and reduces caloric intake at mealtime.

Using three natural plant extracts, users burn more calories while feeling an increased sense of energy, helping you become more active. Zotrim is comprised of three plant extracts that have been used for centuries by South African tribes to control hunger and increase energy. These are: Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana.

So, in summary use safe and clinically proven diet pills that are made from 100% natural ingredients. Not only will you be self-assured of a product that works but you will likely be side-effect free too!