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Beginner BodyBuilding The Right Way To Choose A Gym

Choice of a gym is a crucial factor in your beginner bodybuilding plan. It can make or break your success. Here are some things to think about when making this choice:

1) Equipment.

It goes without say that the gym should have enough machines and free weights for all members especially during the peak times.

Are there enough flat benches for core chest exercises? Or is there a long line to use the one or two available? Do people keep interrupting you to ask when you will be done? Nothing will kill your motivation to go to the gym as much as having to wait several minutes to use a machine.

2) Cost

Don’t pay through the nose for a membership. You need just the most basic of membership plans allowing you the use of the core machines and free weights. You certainly don’t need to pay for spas, tanning salons and a bunch of other stuff that isn’t necessary for the beginner bodybuilding routine. National chains like Gold’s and 24 Hour Fitness have “express” locations that cater to just the basics and are pretty affordable.

When you sign the contract pay attention to the language and make sure they are not tacking on any hidden charges or committing you to a long term membership.

3) Hours

This goes without saying. Make sure they gym is open at the hours you would like to work out. Also be wary of very low monthly membership fees that restrict what hours you can work out. A popular ploy by some gyms is to charge as low as $15 a month but then have some fine print that says you can only use the gym between 11am and 3pm.

4) Location

The best beginner bodybuilding gym is one that is situated near your house, or is on the way from your house to your office. This helps ensure that it’s convenient to get there and that you have one less excuse not to go. Don’t pick a gym that involves a long drive to get there; you’ll just end up going less frequently and skipping workouts.

5) Crowd

The ideal crowd is of course other beginner bodybuilders so that you get to motivate each other and engage in friendly competition. Absent that it isn’t really that big a deal. Just avoid gyms that are dominated by the following types of crowds

a.A crowd consisting of mostly women. This type of gym will emphasize yoga and cardio and will not inspire you to reach your goals. Do not sign up to join Curves gym 🙂

b. Muscle heads. These are the guys with 50 inch biceps and walk around like they own the gym. They can be intimidating and also tend to juice up on steroids. Avoid them like the plague.

6) Hygiene

This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I can’t stand a filthy gym with days old sweat caked on the benches. This type of environment could gross you out and make you less eager to go to the gym and workout. Motivation is important. Don’t pay for a gym that de-motivates you.

Now go pump some iron! No more procrastinating!

by Don Demarco (Dr Muscle)