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When I first ordered Fastin I had actually read about a jacked up version of it known as Fastin-XR, but I was unable to purchase it, because it was not yet available. Consequently, I signed up on a -notify me when available- list on this website’s Free Sample page. Well, a number of nights ago I received an email from this internet site saying that the Fastin-XR was now available, and that two free samples of it were in the mail to me. You can take a look at Fastin-XR here.

Well, I received the free samples this morning, so I tried one of them straightaway. You all know that Becky and I just love the Fastin, so I actually didn’t think anything would be able to best it. On the other hand, Fastin-XR has the Fastin title, and includes the most state-of-the-art all-natural stimulant on the planet 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, so I thought it might be possible, but not

Within half an hour after using the Fastin-XR I knew why they referred to it as a jacked up version of the Fastin. It lit me up, and kept me on fire for approximately 4 hours! When I first got hold of the two free samples of Fastin-XR I had planned on letting Becky try one too, but after testing it I liked it so much that I chose to keep the other free sample for myself – greedy! Besides, I’ve already bought a couple of bottles of Fastin-XR for Becky and myself. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a big boost of energy, but first get a free sample of it and take a look at it for yourself first. You can look at the free sample program here. In addition, if you do purchase some Fastin-XR, use the following coupon code to get an additional ten bucks off: $10-FASTIN-XR.

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