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Secret To Get A Fat-burning Cardio Workout & Have Fun Doing It

Do you ever feel like going to the gym to workout is a little like going to the Dentist and getting teeth pulled? When you workout you should be having fun! It shouldn’t be the lowest point of your day. Use this secret to start enjoying your cardio workouts and burn a lot of fat while you’re at it.

If you hate going to the gym everyday and running on a treadmill, just stop. Jogging like that isn’t going to help your body burn that much fat anyway. Instead of heading to the gym, find a sport or an activity that you love. Or find one that you haven’t tried before and see if you like it.

You can get an extremely good cardio workout while you’re having fun as long as you remember this one little secret word…intensity. Whatever you do, work hard and tire yourself out! The more you push your body, the higher it will boost your metabolism and the easier the fat will fall off your body.

Like volleyball? Play with less people so you’re working harder. Enjoy Basketball? Make it a goal to always be the first down the court and move quick. If you love the outdoors go hiking through the woods, just remember not to stare at the scenery…keep moving!

It’s easier than you think to get a great cardio workout that’s good for your lungs, heart, and waistline. It doesn’t have to be slogged out in the gym. Be creative and find some other ways to workout so you can actually stick with it.

When you really ramp up the intensity you’ll find that you don’t need to work out every day either. 30-45 minutes once every 2 days is plenty if you’re working hard enough. It’s a great way to get in better shape while spending less time doing it.