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Gym Or Not To Gym Thats The Health Question

As the weather gets better all our thoughts turn to warm summer nights, holidays, bikinis, trunks and skimpy clothes and your flabby bits. There are so many ways to lose weight and we are bombarded by a multi billion pound diet industry that just seems to keep us fat after all that is how they make their money. So how can we battle the bulge?

Gyms are full of sweaty people that fall into two categories;

1) Fanatics with beautiful bodies and pitying looks at the rest of us as they get
their moneys worth from the fee of 50 upwards a month and for 12
months which = 600

2) Pitiful quitters who end up paying 600 for 5 visits which = 120 a go

Gym equipment when researched can be much more cost effective if you have the room and like watching the TV channel you like whilst exercising. Researching specialist sites is confusing and doesnt give you an overview of all types of equipment and all budgets. has a great selection and is far superior to Argos and other online retailers. You can compare the cost of each type of equipment and Littlewoods also give you 15 off your first order over 25 quote ZG134 or spread your costs by paying weekly over 20 weeks or 52 weeks at 0% interest if you like to control your spending and need help with the discipline of budgeting.

Carl Lewis motorised treadmill which is the most used piece of equipment in the gym and gives the fastest results in weight loss costs 359 spread over 52 weeks with 0% interest this is 6.90 a week. This equates to the cost of cutting back on 2 pints or your Costa coffee weekly bill.

The Littlewoods catalogue site shows the best sellers and compares prices. A bike typically found in spin class which burns 1000 calories an hour was reduced by 52 and cost 127 and is 2.44 a week. A cross trainer is another favourite in the gym and will give you the honed, toned sexy look for summer we all crave.

Dog walking (your own or other peoples)

The grateful loving look from your four legged friend and fresh air cannot be underestimated as a stress and weight buster. Walking with a pair of MBT trainers that I found on Littlewoods catalogue site have toned my bum and thighs up incredibly. I have reduced my thigh measurement by 3 inches in 6 weeks, my arms by 2 inches and my waist by 4 inches without changing my diet.

Walking for an hour a day does not cause injuries found in the gym, with runners or mad joggers. It exercises your whole body if you get the technique and footwear correct. Waling longer walks at the weekend lets you explore the countryside but an absolute must is a great pair of walking boots. Brasher are not the prettiest but are like slippers and need no breaking in. Littlewoods online stock all the top makes of walking boots and if you buy walking poles then you get an upper body workout and it takes the strain off your knees coming downhill. Cost of a decent pair of boots or trainers is 100 spread over 52 weeks as Littlewoods offer mentioned above is 2. But you do need a nice place to walk or it is back to the living room, watching coronation street burning fat on my new treadmill.