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Refurbished Fitness Equipment Stairmaster 7000 Pt Step Mill Summary

Fitness and exercise has always been a part of our everyday lives. Even today in the era of computers and internet, we find the need to engage in active physical activity otherwise we’ll end up living a sedentary lifestyle. In our continuous pursuit of fitter, better and more capable bodies we try to innovate and try numerous exercise routines and even countless machines and contraptions that aid us in physical training. In a typical gym or health club we have weights for building muscles, indoor stationary bicycles and elliptical trainers for cardiovascular exercises. Let me inform you of perhaps the largest refurbished fitness equipment that you will embark upon in a gym or health centre the Stairmaster 7000 PT Step Mill.

Fitness Equipment Overall Ranking:

8.0 of 10.0 stars

Major Facets:

– There are 8 revolving 8 in. steps

– Has got a high-tech extra large console with back lit LCD

– Comes with 6 work out programs, these are: flexible speed interval program, heart rate controlled program, calorie burner program, fat burner program, Quick Start program, and manual program

– Two bonus programs included: CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Testing) Fire Fit Test and multi-stage fit test

– Is ready for entertainment tech and tracking (for example Broadcast Vision, Cardio Theatre, and Nautilus Fitness Advisor)
Heart rate monitoring is carried out by inbuilt sensors on handlebars

– Braking system is electronically controlled to provide smoother step descent

Cost: 800.00 to 1300.00 which is dependent upon quality of refurbishing

Product Depiction:

The original Stair Master fascinated a lot of people when it was first introduced to the public in 1983. Dubbed as the ultimate stair climber workout, the Stairmaster 7000 PT Step Mill offers you a unique cardiovascular workout that’s almost like an escalator. You probably can begin at a slow pace and gradually add increments to the velocity and force of the work out. This astonishing fitness equipment will not merely provide you with a stirring cardiovascular work out but it will also extend an enjoyable leg exercise routine that shapes the muscles in your legs to exactness. It is praiseworthy to note that the Stairmaster 7000 PT Step Mill is the only fitness equipment approved by the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) to test fire department applicants. This item of refurbished fitness equipment is user-friendly and is designed with a safety feature which permits it to stop when the user stops without even pressing any buttons. The best feature of the Stair Master is that it requires only minimal maintenance.

Fitness Equipment Product Characteristics and Specs:

– Step rate: 24 to 162 spm (steps per minute) (3.5 17.7 METs)

– Uses 110 volt or 220-240 volt 15 amp outlet

– Dimensions: 127cm long x 74cm wide x 198cm high

– Weight of product: 186kg
{Minimum Ceiling Height: 274cm

– RS-232 serial port with C-safe compatibility

– Companionable with Polar Heart Rate Monitoring Technology and is equipped for telemetry


Parts and labourtwelve months

Fitness Equipment Closing:

The Stairmaster 7000 PT Step Mill is amazing fitness equipment but it’s not for everybody. This special refurbished fitness equipment is rather large and weighs a lot so it does use a lot of space. But perhaps it is just the sort of home fitness machine you are searching for. So don’t wait any longergo try one out right away.