Bicep Curls

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Home Gym Exercises That Get You In Shape

There isn’t any need to unnecessarily break your budget for a gym membership, if the budget won’t allow it right away: Instead invest your money in an inexpensive home gym setup to get your body in shape. There are several home gym exercises that can provide an excellent workout from the comfort of your own home and the best part is that a home system will pay for itself in the first year of use.

Following are some simple home gym exercises that anyone can perform:

Bench Press
Whether you have free-weights or a combination cable, bow or rubber band type home gym: A bench press will likely be part of your setup. They can be done lying, seated or on an incline bench (depending on what you purchase). The bench press will work your entire upper body, while helping to increase your core strength (abs and lower back).

Squats/Leg Press
Many combination home gym setups will have a squat or leg press attachment. You can also perform a squat with free weights (Note: placing less weight on a bar and putting it across your front shoulders is easier done if you don’t have a spotter, yet is just as equally effective among home gym exercises.

Shoulder Press
This is another exercise which usually comes as part of a piece of combination equipment, yet can just as easily be done with a barbell either behind the head, or in front. Dumbbell shoulder presses are also very effective if you have some among your gym equipment.

Bicep Curls
These can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells and most popular combination gyms will come with a cable attachment or preacher bench for doing bicep curls. This type of exercise is the most popular home gym exercises for most people, as we all want tight, toned arms to show off at the beach.