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Fitness Equipment Vibratec Vb500 Vibration Plate Review

Vibration Plates may be something different from your conventional fitness equipment but now they are becoming more commonplace and are found in virtually every gym and fitness centre Is this some kind of sensational piece of equipment? Perhaps, but this contraption is no joke as it is backed up by science and research. NASA is recognized as the initial company to introduce the theory of vibration plates as a preventive measure for bone loss of astronauts in space. They performed the research in 2001 at the State University of New York. Current exploration at University of Antwerp and the Artesis University College in Belgium discovered that employing vibration plates outcomes in weight loss in, in particular in the area of the belly. They’re effectiveness has been verified with such certainty that even stars like Madonna were reported to be using it. So if you are endeavouring to invest in this kind fitness equipment, allow me to inform you with some significant facts regarding Vibratec VB500 Vibration Plate.

Fitness Equipment Overall Ranking:

9 out of 10 stars

Key Features

3 pre-set programs with 16 speed settings and 20 user positions available
Smooth and modish
Intended for use at home

Price: Approximately 224.99 to 399

Product Report:

Interested in how to use this equipment? All it takes is to position yourself on the machine for about 20 minutes each day and you will achieve the fat burning and muscle shaping workout you need. This quivering fitness equipment sends out a vibrating sense to the muscles which causes them to relax, flex or stretch which causes better muscle fortitude, optimal muscle toning, and also enhanced fitness. As an added effect, this vibrating|In addition, this|Furthermore, this|Additionally, this} fitness equipment develop one mass, rouses blood circulation and helps in the reparation of body tissue. Maybe you are recovering form having an accident or maybe you are looking for a simpler and swifter workout; in either case, this machine would be perfect for you. But note that this vibrating plate will provide a more strenuous workout than just your normal cardio or strength exercises. To enhance the test of implementing this exercise machine rather than jus standing on it, you can implement the three pre-set programs or boost the speed settings to achieve the most from it. You may also try doing different positions such as squatting, stretching and twisting. This machine doesn’t take up much space and because of its weight may be store easily.

Fitness Equipment Product Features & Specifications:

Is built with upper and lower control panels
Offers sixteen time settings from 1 to 16 minutes
Offers 16 diverse levels of frequency ranging from 36 to 61.7 Hz
{Maximum user weight of 100 kg|Optimum user capacity is 100kg|Maximal user weight-100kg|Optimal user capacity of 100kg)
Amplitude of vibration-2.6mm
Measurements: 140.5cm in length, 66cm in width, 72cm in height
Product weight: 17.5 kg
Motor: AC220V-50Hz, 190W


12 months parts and labour warranty

Fitness Equipment Conclusion:

It’s true! Vibratec VB Vibration Plate really works! But, to achieve optimal results with this modernized fitness equipment it is pertinent that you speak with your physician, the equipment maker, or an exercise expert concerning implementation of this kind of machine particularly if you are just starting out. Gaining expertise on using this equipment can lead you to that wonderfully shaped body which you have been wanting. So why wait? Get one now!