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Boxing Training Secrets For Shredding Fat Fast.

CB: How do boxers get so lean, and what lessons can us average folk take from their regimens?

RP: I know this point is redundantly made but it’s true.

People spend to much time training with cardio equipment. I have seen people train on cardio equipment, and their body’s still look the same months later!

When the average person has had enough of walking around in their body they are in they usually think of hitting the pavement running. Or people will train with the typical circuit of elliptical and treadmills etc…Training for long and very casual intensities. Raising cortisol levels, preserving fat, etc…

People who perform a boxing workout get lean from the intense anaerobic way they train. Boxers fight and train in rounds lasting from 2 minutes to 3 minutes in duration. The training done for that duration is generally at a higher intensity. The training equipment also demands you get lean by the way the bags have to be worked.

Put it this way to maximally work and move the heavy bag in the right manner burns more calories and takes more effort to do. Your body then takes the lean shape from the aftermath of this demand of it to put forth the work. Same thing for the punch mitts when used correctly your whole body is moving and working and in a more anaerobic and intense manner than aerobic training.

Many times people who cross train or want to learn boxing for self defense are amazed at how sore they are in different areas of their body from the workout. They are waking and working muscles that have been dormant for some time in a intense manner.

As I’ve stated several times above since boxing workouts are predominantly anaerobic and we train with lots of intervals, our metabolic rates are increased.

Unlike the aerobic way people train where they only burn calories for the duration of the aerobic activity or training. With anaerobic interval work your metabolic rate is increased for hours even after training is complete as you obviously know.

CB: What’s the role of slow cardio in stripping fat from a boxer’s body?

RP: Not much at all….

We condition using sprints, sled work, sledge strikes, sprint and run drills, but really speaking from a fighters perspective, nothing beats intense sparring to get in shape. We also perform intervals of fast punching on the bags and punch mitts.

As far as the average client, I’ll never forget when I was working in Syracuse NY I was training an older guy named Tom. Tom was frustrated cause he couldn’t drop the pounds he wanted too. He was on a plateau.

He was training aerobically only for the last 2 years playing musical chairs with the cardio equipment. He was very frustrated and bored that he couldn’t drop any more fat.

So upon working with him. I had him jumping rope, working the punch mitts, working the heavy bag and VERY easily he lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks! Not bad for previously being on a plateau! The fat literally melted off just like that. Because of the intense anaerobic way he trained and the muscles and movements he was using in training this way.

Fortunately for me communicating with the best strength and conditioning coaches and constantly reading and studying the best books keeps me abreast of what methods work best.

CB: How do you and other boxers get lean for fights in terms of nutrition?

RP: We start cleaning house!

Or should I say cleaning the fridge, freezer and cupboards. My clients rid them selves of boxed, packaged, frozen, canned, processed foods. I have them stop eating sugary cereals, soda, sugary juices, white breads, refined carbs, margarine, just garbage food period! This goes along way with improving performance, vitality, and weight loss obviously.

I then have them start to eat real whole foods. Foods that actually have a life source and will deliver nutrients and vitality to them.

So for weight loss having them eliminate the garbage foods and drinks and having them eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day works big time for weight loss on top of the kick butt training their doing.

It still amazes me on how many people skip breakfast. Or if they do have it, the typical sugar water called orange juice with a pop tart doesn’t do it. I have them eat a better breakfast and make sure their dinner isn’t the biggest meal of the day as their stomachs would suggest if it is.

My point is, typically people skip breakfast, eat a rather large lunch, and when they get home have a feast for dinner. That’s insane if you want to drop weight and get lean!

Don’t eat less meals. Eat more meals frequently with less food for weight loss. Their blood sugar levels are more balanced and their moods and energy levels are far more enhanced by eating more frequently, like 5-6 times per day if possible.

I also have them drink half their body weight in ounces of water per day. I have them consume fish oils at their meals.

I also keep critiquing their eating habits and food choices for weight loss as needed…

CB: Do you use boxer’s training techniques in your client’s workouts? If so, what could I do to speed my fat loss?

RP: Boxing workouts are BIG in my clients workouts.

It’s no wonder that the most popular classes in commercial gyms are martial arts classes.

Unfortunately many of those are watered down. By getting your eating habits under control and cleaned up and by jumping rope, shadow boxing, working the punch mitts, heavy bag, double end bag and speed bag you literally melt that fat off your body in a quick manner.

That’s why I like to use boxing training techniques. Boxing training gets results.

People can get bored with the cardio equipment. You can be totally uncoordinated and not improve upon before or after getting on the bike or stair master.

Not when you jump rope and perform the rest of a boxing workout. That’s why it delivers so much in one workout. All those bio-motor abilities you improve on top of shredding the fat from your body.

CB: What methods of strength training do you prefer? Do you use free weights or a lot of body weight exercises?

RP: Strength training methods will depend on the persons training age, background, weaknesses, needs, goals, and were we are from a fight.

So I have a lot of tools in the tool box I can use depending on the above scenarios. Usually I begin with body weight movements. I totally agree with what Alwyn Cosgrove says, “If we cannot stabilize and move our own body weight, we have no reason to use external resistance”

Once a person can handle there own body weight we use different strength exercises. I like using squats, I really like front squats cause we can train the legs with the thoracic extensors that are usually weak. A boxer that has been at it for a while will will have an increased kyphotic posture along with pronated shoulders. So we need to correct this if we want to improve performance.

We also use dead-lifts, single leg work, posterior chain work, core strengthen with more transverse plain exercises, but we also perform reverse crunches they are a great abdominal strengthening exercise that also help in improving posture.

A lot of unilateral work, pulls, rows, chins, pull ups, you name.

We use equipment ranging from db’s, barbells, med balls, sand bags, kegs, sled, sledge hammer, I’m going to start using kettle bells more. Once again, these are all great tools we use depending on the situation.

Corrective exercises are used to keep the fighters muscle imbalances and posture in check.

I will say that generally fighters are bloody weak! So I like to improve and focus on maximal strength training. Hypertrophy training can be used if I have a fighter that wants to move up a weight class or needs a little more muscle.

For our dynamic training, I like to used med balls and other plyometric exercise for explosive power.

That pretty much sums it up as our training is ALWAYS evolving and improving as I continue to study and learn and as we progress in our own training.

CB: Do the boxing workouts require any special equipment?

RP: Yes the workout uses special equipment that is very affordable and can be purchased at sporting stores, or boxing equipment magazines.

You will need hand wraps, a jump rope, gloves, punch mitts, a heavy bag, double end bag, speed bag and a small timer that you can by at any store. You don’t have to get all the bags at once you can still burn allot of fat with the jump rope and heavy bag alone. The other equipment just really speeds the results.

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Enhance Your Already Perfect Penis By Shaving It

Shaving on and around the penis is being done by males not just for surgery anymore. Just take a look around the locker room the next time you’re at the gym.

Today’s males say shaving the pubic hairs on and around their penis is a way to feel fresh and look neat and clean. And cleanly shaving their shaft allows a condom to slip on and off much easier.

These are very good reasons to support shaving the penis indeed.

But – If a male is being totally honest, he’ll tell you that he is shaving his pubic hair because it gives his penis the appearance of being larger and it gets a lot more, ahem, attention when it’s cleanly shaved.

So for those of you males who are interested – Here are a few things you should know before shaving on and around your penis:

1) Never start shaving your penis unless you’re sober and fully alert. The pubic area is much more sensitive than your face, which means it’s much easier to hurt yourself, so you want your wits about you.

2) And while penis shaving is pretty easy to do, it does require patience and care.

3) If you’re shaving for the first time and have long pubic hairs, trim them with scissors or better yet, a hair trimmer.

4) Take a long, hot shower or bath. This will open the follicles, (the skin depressions from which hair emerges), and soften your naturally coarse pubic hairs to make shaving easier.

5) Pat dry your shaft and surrounding area with a soft, clean towel.

6) Apply a generous amount of a rich lubricant. Allow this to sit for at least 3 minutes before you begin shaving.

7) ALWAYS use a new blade in your razor.

Note: It’s rumored that if you start shaving your general pubic area, testicles, and inner thighs, you’ll get the best optical illusion, er, affect of a larger penis.

If you do decide to start shaving your general pubic area and inner thighs while you’re at it, make sure another new blade is easily available so you can change blades if your razor starts to drag.

Start by shaving the penis in the direction the hair grows, making sure you shave all sides. If it isn’t already erect, gently pull your penis upwards. This will make it easier to shave.

Once you’ve removed all hairs, go back and shave against the way the hair grows. This will give you the clean, close and smooth shave you’re after. But don’t shave the same area more than this second time or apply too much pressure. The last thing you want is a razor burn on your penis from shaving.

After shaving your penis, make sure to completely rinse off any traces of the lubricant with warm water. Then rinse with cold water. This will close and calm the follicles and generally tone the skin.

Pat, don’t rub, your penis dry with a clean, soft towel.

Some males apply a non stinging astringent after shaving. But to avoid any reaction, just lightly dust your penis with a talc free powder or plain cornstarch.

Ultimately, you want to prevent any kind of irritation to this newly raw skin. So focus on keeping it dry and doing what you can to limit initial friction. If you don’t already, wear some loose fitting boxer shorts for a while after shaving.

Many males go as long as possible between shaves in the belief that it will reduce skin irritation. But it’s been suggested that the incoming hair stubble is what causes skin problems, so shaving more often is actually better.

Males who are very physically active are usually shaving every other day.

While it’s a fact that eventually, after regular shaving, the hairs will become weaker and softer and your penis will remain smoother – If you’re not ready, able and willing to follow the regimen outlined here, you probably shouldn’t start shaving your penis.

Because anyone will tell you, there’s only one thing worse than a hairy penis – And that’s a stubbly, scabby penis.

A dry shaver is definitely the safest penis shaver. Do some research and discover the compact shaver that’s designed specifically for safely shaving the penis.

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Body Building How To Look Like Justin Timberlake Shirtless

Have you ever seen Justin Timberlake shirtless before Nsync was in the top of the charts? The man is definitely skinny. But have you seen the man now? Hes got muscles! The stringy guy from Nsync was able to pump himself up. If this is any indication of anything, it is that anyone can be as buff as Justin Timberlake and this article will give you tips based on the exercise techniques Justin himself used so keep reading. If you are also kind of stringy like Justin, these tips are custom fit for your body types needs. Hollywood bodies are hard to achieve and you must be thinking that you need tons of time and money to get the same body of the likes of Brad Pitt. Youd be surprised. Here are the top tips on how to get the same body as Justin Timberlake shirtless.

1. Get all the right equipment.

Fitness awareness has boomed for the past couple of decades. There are so many gyms around nowadays. A lot of them are very affordable; you just need to look around. When you go to the gym, remember to bring the two most needed equipments: weightlifting shoes and chalk. After a few weeks, you may need to bring a lifting belt and or fractional plates.

2. Learn to do the most basic barbell weight lifting properly.

This is whats so good about being in the gym: there are experts there to help you start out. Otherwise, go buy a book, theres also lots of those. Learn from them these important barbell lifts the full squat, overhead press, bench press, power clean, and deadlift. With these in your arsenal, you can already achieve your goal. Justin Timberlake, shirtless and pumping himself is reportedly using mostly these kinds of lifts.

3. Take advantage of the right training programs.

There is an appropriate training program for you, and these are all based on increasing the resistance or weights in the five basic lifts mentioned earlier. Consult your trainer for this. Or your book (most training books for beginners have this.)

4. Eat, eat, eat, and eat.

Get your dose of protein everyday from meats, eggs. Eat lots of veggies and fruits, and drink lots of milk. Multivitamins, fish oil, and most importantly, whey protein are very important especially for your body type. These will do wonders and are really worth the buy.

5. Finally, sleep well and do not over do your cardio workouts.

If you are already thin, doing too much cardio workouts will have an adverse effect since it might burn the nutrients you need to build muscles. Sleeping is also very important because it balances out your body and you tend to absorb more of the nutrients you need. In any case, getting enough sleep is ALWAYS important. Just follow these and youll be like Justin Timberlake shirtless and getting all the chicks in no time.

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Nutrition And Supplements 3 Things To Look Out For When Consuming Supplements

Upon embarking into the brand new world of supplements, one has to consider these following things when taking them. Not doing so may cause severe side effects towards your body.

1. Be aware

Be aware of what and how it is affecting your body. Certain products are what you would call stimulants. They cause you to experience an andredeline rush when taken. They cause your heart rate to explode up at a considerable amount. If you feel that you have difficulty catching your breath and that your heart is beating too fast, immediately consult a doctor regarding your situation.
NEVER assume that it is okay. If you know that you are unable to take it, visit a doctor and do not try to be a man and just go through it. Doing so may result in severe damage to your health. Your life is more important than your ambition.

2. Follow the recommended dosage

ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS follow the recommended dosage. They are there for a reason. Not following what they recommend is only causing your body to experience an overdose of ingredients and medicine which may damage your health. Unless you have a doctor to back you up on the increased amount of supplements that you should be taking, never exceed what they write on the supplements.
Do not be over ambitious and think that by taking more, the affects will be faster. This may be the case for some products, but in doing so, you are placing yourself at a high risk of severe liver and internal organ damage. Your body organs also need time to process that much supplements. You do not want to end up having a six-pack on the operating table.

3. Your workout/diet program must be in check

Supplements are a word for it supplements. They supplement towards your training and hard work on your current diet. Without those two in check, no amount of three thousand dollar supplements will be able to help you in the long run. The best and most effective way to consume them is together with a balanced diet and proper workout program. If you do that, the results will come.
You have heard this many times, and that patience is a virtue. Good things will come, only to those who wait and are dedicated enough to go through the pain of figuring out how to end up at the end.

These are basically just some things to look out for when consuming your supplements and especially if you are a beginner in terms of supplementation. Always remember that supplements are just there to assist, most of the results, by the 80/20 law, is based on yourself that will deliver the results. Understand that, and results will come.

Towards Your Success,
Aaron Leow