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Slim Fast Diet Review

Slim Fast Diet Review

Most all grocery stores have shelves full of health food and diet items. One of the diet products found on their shelves is Slim Fast diet. S. Daniel Abraham created the Slim Fast diet revolutionizing weight loss programs forever. At first, it was only available in powders and shakes. Now the Slim Fast diet offers over one hundred products including pastas, soups, snack bars, and smoothies.

The famous slogan promotes a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner. You are allowed three snacks consisting of fruits, vegetables, and Slim Fast products. You shouldnt be too hungry later if you follow the diet properly. There is no calorie counting or worrying about portion control. The Slim Fast diet basically focus on convenience, nutrition, and meal replacement on the go. If you are on the run, just grab a shake still balancing nutrition.

Does the Slim Fast diet help you loose weight? Opinions vary on whether or not it helps with weight loss. Studies show the Slim Fast diet is the winning formula for weight loss. Dieters successfully managed their weight one to five years after going off the diet. The program recommends losing only one or two pounds per week or ten percent of your body weight.

The Slim Fast Diet has a few advantages. It doesnt promise fast weight loss in short periods of time unlike most programs. Supporters say the products are cheaper than Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. You arent required to eliminate carbohydrates or other important nutrients. It promotes balanced nutrition along with thirty minutes of exercise. The website has an online support group and you can stay in touch with a dietician.

The Slim Fast Diet isnt without criticism. Those who oppose the diet say it is just away to make money. The food can cost $3-$5 a day or around $200 for a months supply. The shakes contain around forty grams of carbohydrates and added sugar which wouldnt be suited for diabetics. Slim Fast Optima is available for lactose intolerant and diabetics. The diet may grow tiresome and the taste may discourage dieters.

As with any type of fad diets, you could regain the weight you lost. You still may be hungry later. The Slim Fast diet is only for temporary weight loss. No one can drink their meals for ever. Weight loss various among individuals. The best way to lose weight is changing your lifestyle and visiting your doctor.