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Say Goodbye To Myopia

It is generally recognized that myopia is a bad thing. Perhaps this was proofed a millennium ago, when corrective eyeglasses were unavailable and poor eyesight kept a person from functioning properly.

It is not easy to prevent myopia. The following techniques are for your reference to prevent myopia, and for those who has already been nearsighted to reduce their myopic strength.

First, maintain good health: Pay attention to a balanced nutrition for your body as well as a balanced amount of moderate sports and rest.

Second, prevent eye strain: Avoid working with close quarters for a long time. In addition to enough rest, adequate sleeping can reduce the eye strain.

Third, good reading environment: Such as proper lighting, fine paper, clear printing, proper size in lettering, appropriate height of desks and chairs.

Fourth, good reading habit: Avoid reading with close quarters, having a five to ten minutes break every forty minutes, and take a walk during break and look remote areas to relax muscles.

Fifth, requirements of watching TV: TV should be placed on which is inferior to the line of eyes. Do not turn off residential lamps and make sure that the vision is clear. Take a five minutes break every thirty minutes; go outside or close eyes during advertisement time.

Sixth, wear eyeglasses properly: Have your eyes examined by Ophthalmologist before buying eyeglasses. Make it accurate the lens strength, the angle of astigmatism axis and the distance between the pupils.

Seventh, regular eye checkups are advised every three to six months.

Eighth, using ciliary muscle relaxants to cure pseudomyopia: excessive of ciliary muscle fatigue will cause pseudomyopia, and application of relaxants can be useful for reducing strength and slowing myopia progression. The relaxants can provide eyes (includes ciliary muscle , retina , crystalline lens , optic nerve) nutrition with nutrition, activate cells of eyes , strengthen immune ability and antioxidant ability of eyes and accelerate metabolism of eyes, improve eye-cycle regulation, and eliminate eye fatigue to improving vision. The researchers found that the degree will be deepened if eyeglasses are not properly worn.

Ninth, as a saying goes, diet cures more than the doctor. In the matter of eating, one should keep a healthy diet. The following foods are beneficial for eye health, such as pork, mutton, beef and chicken; pork liver and chicken liver; longan, lichee, carrot, celery, yam, gingeli, medlar, chrysanthemum and Cassia Seed. It would be helpful to eat more vegetables, fruits and less spicy foods such as Chilli, pepper, onions, Chinese chive, wine.

Acquiring with this knowledge, you may try immediately and choose a pair of eyeglasses suitable for you to treat your myopia correctly.