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Rocket Yoga in Bangkok, learning to fly

In the yoga history, there are only few figures who contributed to create Yoga as we know it now or “Power Yoga”. This last week end, Bangkok gets the great chance to welcome one of the pioneers of modernYoga: Larry Schultz. Larry has been teaching during 30 years and has influenced yoga students and teachers around the world. His strength and success comes from the 63,000 Sun Salutes, 9,000 classes and 142 yoga teacher trainings he has been a part of. He is also known as the Grateful Dead’s yoga teacher and travelled with the band for 3 years. The workshop was aiming to introduce to Thai people the internationally acclaimed Rocket Yoga: an exciting series of poses drawn from Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to renew energy and vitality throughout the body. This vibrant routine is called the-Rocket- because -it gets you there faster.-

The first yoga class started Friday evening. Thai and foreigner yoga student was much exited to learn from the creator of the Rocket. Larry Schulz makes his appearance and the magic happened. Xenna, reputed model from Thailand describe Larry as: “wonderful, charismatic, inspirational soul!”

Some student was beginners, some were advanced practicioner but everyone shared the same feeling of Fun and joy doing this Yoga routine. Bute the profond message of this week end was that Yoga is not only about doing yoga pose. It’s about a new way of life, of breathing aiming to bring more peace, love and health to our existence.

Before leaving to Koh Pagnan for the It’s Yoga teacher training, we ask Larry Schultz about his new Thailand experience. Thai student quite impress him. They are as flexible as their willingness to learn new things. Teaching Yoga in Thailand is like to be in a yoga holiday.

Yoga is just blooming in Asia and Its Yoga Thailand is the start of a long adventure.

It’s Yoga opened its first location in San Francisco in 1989. Today It’s Yoga is the global worldwide leader in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and Certification. During the last 20 years more than 2000 yoga teachers have been certified to teach yoga by It’s Yoga.

More information about the yoga teacher training and yoga holiday in Thailand can be found to their website: www.itsyoga-thailand.com/