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Reduce Waist Size In Days

Want to reduce waist size in days… not months? Yeah? Ok, I’m going to share with you how 100’s of my clients are able to lose 2-3 inches in less than a month without wasting their time in the gym. Read this now if you want to get a smaller waist.

Reduce Waist Size Fast

1. Tops on the list is the vacuum pose using isometric tension to flatten abs

There is absolutely NOTHING BETTER than this simple exercise that you do at home while standing up. You suck in your stomach as much as you can, then you hold it for 2-5 seconds, then you release it for a brief rest. Then you do it all over again. Or, you can do this every once in awhile during your free times throughout the day.

Done for a grand total of anywhere from 5-15 minutes a day, you can lose 2-3 inches doing this and making NO OTHER CHANGES from your diet and exercise routines. To make this as easy as possible so you don’t skip out on doing these daily, I recommend that you do these during tv commercial breaks that last on average about 3 minutes.

2. Do bodyweight squats… and do them FAST

This is a great exercise for weight loss. People get caught up in going to the gym. The gym is overrated. You also waste your time going there and back… while also having to sometimes wait for other people to get off the equipment you want.

Instead, just do bodyweight squats at home during tv commercials. During the commercial break of about 3 minutes, do as many squats as you can. You should easily get over 50. Once you get to 50 you can stop. Do this during a few commercial breaks and you’ll have given yourself an incredible workout that you easily fit into your schedule.

Do these 2 things daily, because this is how to reduce waist size in days.