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Nutrition Facts In Topps Ring Pop Space Gems

In this day and age, its almost impossible for parents to determine what their kids can and cant eat. There are so many products these days that are truly unhealthy for kids, not to mention everyone. But these issues couldnt be more important in the junk food and the candy that kids consume on a daily basis. There are certain types of candy that could be dangerous and they might have averse affects on a childs health. TOPPS Ring Pop Space Gems, for example, may seem like something that would be unhealthy for your kids, but after looking closely at the nutrition facts for these fun candy rings, they are actually low in calories and their sugar content is much less than that of a can of soda.

To be specific, Ring Pop Space Gems have 70 calories per ring pop and only eleven grams of sugar. Also, they dont have any fat content which is a plus for kids. They can get their fat from other junk food. These tasty treats only have fourteen carbohydrates per serving and they only have around two percent of the sodium consumed per day which amounts to about fifty five milligrams. Theres also no cholesterol in these colorful ring pops.

Compared to other candy products, like Hersheys Golden Almond Solitaires, Ring Pop Space Gems are a much healthier choice for kids. One serving of these chocolate squares consists of two hundred and thirty four calories, almost four times the amount of the Ring Pops. Of the 234 calories, 137 of them are fat calories, which is twenty three percent of the fat calories one should consume in a day. Theres also more cholesterol than the Ring Pops and they have five more carbohydrates per serving and four more grams of sugar per serving.

If you were to let your children eat Charms Blow Pop Assorted lollipops instead of the Space Gems, they would be ingesting a lot more sugar and a lot more calories. A Charms Super Blow Pop contains 127 calories in one serving and has around thirty six grams of carbohydrates instead of the Gems 70 and 11 grams, respectively. It also has double the sugar content.

Inevitably, children are going to ingest a certain amount of junk food, but at least parents can control what they eat and Ring Pop Space Gems are a great choice. Other sweets hold a much higher calorie, fat, and sugar content than Ring Pops. If all these things dont convince you, theres always the fact that you can wear it as you eat it.