- Weight Loss

Men’s Weight Loss Guidelines

Men’s weight reduction: it’s a sensitive problem for many men. If you’re like many men, you’re fighting to keep your weight in balance. It’s fine though, because once you understand these simple tips, you’ll find that it’s less of a challenge to shed weight than you thought.

Men’s Fat Reduction Rule one – Keep Glucose Levels Constant

One of the main factors behind fat gain is fluctuations in glucose levels. Whenever you eat an excessive amount of fast-releasing foods, the body secretes too much sugar directly into your bloodstream. This leads the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin, which removes the surplus sugars out of your blood stream and saves it in tissues as glycogen. If this temporary energy is not used up soon after, it becomes converted into fat.

The two ways in which you can keep your blood sugar levels stable. The first is to consume little and often. A different way is to consume food which is slow release. This consists of oats (porridge), lentils and beans. Also, simply by mixing protein with carb, the protein slows down the digestion more. So for example, have peanut butter (protein) with toasted bread (carb) and not marmalade (fast release sugar – bad), or even have chicken with your brown rice.

Men’s Fat Loss Tip 2 – Keep clear of Fast Foods

Everyone understands they really should stay clear of unhealthy foods. This is because they typically contain little or no vitamins and minerals, but contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat. So keep clear of chocolate, cakes, candy, cookies, and fast food like burgers. These foods taste nice and supply you with a quick buzz as a consequence of sugar rush, but beyond that they can only do you harm.

Men’s Weight Loss Tip 3 – Always Eat Breakfast

If you feel avoiding breakfast is the right way to lose weight, you’ll want to reconsider given that you really couldn’t be more wrong. Breakfast is the central meal during the day. Any time you skip breakfast, you’ll have zero energy throughout the day, your metabolism will be slow (this means you won’t burn the maximum amount of energy/calories), plus your body may have a much harder time keeping your blood sugar level in check. By consuming a fantastic breakfast, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm during the day, and you will definitely find it a lot easier to keep your appetite under control.

So tomorrow, jump out of bed, and eat some poached eggs on wholemeal toast or a big bowl of porridge with some raw nuts.

Men’s Weight Loss Tip 4 – Make Exercise Fun

It’s useless trying to force yourself to carry on doing something when it just seems like a dull effort. Don’t enjoy jogging? No problem. Don’t like the thought of spending too much time sweating in the fitness center? Fine. If you do something you like, you’ll be a great deal more prone to keep on. So, make an effort to think about something physical that you would like to do. Maybe it’s an activity like football. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn street dancing. Or maybe you would enjoy cycling? Whatever it is, just just go do it, and most importantly