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Importance of Yoga Mats In Yoga Practice

In this article, I am going to highlights the grounds that can motivate you in selecting an eco-friendly Yoga Mat over a synthetically or sticky manufactured one. In the entire article, I will discusses the features that make you understand that the eco-friendly yoga mats provide lots of benefits to the practitioners and the entire planet as these mats do not leave harmful effects in to the atmosphere.

As per my knowledge and experience, I know that selecting an eco-friendly mat is the wisest choice for you and the world. Most of common mat brands available in the market are designed and made using synthetic materials that are harmful for you and your atmosphere. The toxic materials like PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) in sticky mats can badly affect your respiratory systems and you may have difficulty in taking breaths. The production process of the mats using PVC generates toxic waste that harms the atmosphere around you. In addition to this, dioxins and several other carcinogens are discharged in to the environment during the manufacturing process of the synthetic Yoga Mats . On the contrary, eco-friendly yoga mats are designed and made using Eva foam, natural rubber and other biodegradable materials that do not affect the atmosphere and prevent the pollution.

The eco-friendly pads are beneficial during the practice of yoga. These pads have more grips on the floor as compared to the pads made of plastics or synthetic materials. So, you can do your yoga practice without the fear of slip. Most of eco yoga mats are thicker that others and provide better support to the practitioners during various asanas of yoga. The yoga mats having slightly rough textures help you in standing properly during the asanas of standing postures.

Natural or eco-friendly mats are made using natural materials such as jute, Eva foam, TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer), PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) and natural rubber. All these materials are sourced naturally and do not leave any side effects that can pollute the atmosphere. As these are biodegradable so you can destroy your yoga mats if not in use easily without affecting the environment. Further, the yoga mats made of eco-friendly materials are skin friendly and last longer that make your investment a wise decision. It is you who have to decide about the selection of your yoga mats and the right decision makes your morning enjoyable and comfortable during the practice.

Summary – As a wise customer, you should go for the Yoga Mats and Kabaddi Mats that are made of eco-friendly materials in order to save the atmosphere around you.