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How To Practice Yoga Properly

Practicing yoga and meditation can benefit us, both mentally and physically. Healthy relationship through yoga and meditation is achievable. When you start practicing yoga, you learn how to respect your body, learn important of being fit and healthy. With this, one learns the importance of respect which is important in healthy relationship. If you are new to yoga, here are some specific yoga meditations you can do:

1) Sit or lie down and become aware of your body: You can do this meditation either lying down on a flat surface. If you are lying on the surface, relax completely and loose your body. Take lots of deep breath. Close eyes if you wish.

2) Follow your energy throughout the body: Begin with your left foot, become aware of it. Be aware of your toes, ankle and foot.

Then, be careful about left legs muscles. Slowly shift your awareness to the top of your left leg, and focus awareness on your right foot. Then start focusing slowly right throughout your body, going as quickly or as slowly as you like.

3) Thoughts and Feelings: Thoughts and emotions are the most distracting factors through your body. Always try to avoid any thoughts and emotions and let them go. Return to your body scan.

4) Manage Strong Feelings: While meditating, strong feelings can arise in you. You have two ways, either welcome them or avoid them. Every trauma you experienced has laid down its trace in your body.

Due to this, sometimes you find yourself weeping or laughing while practicing yoga. Best way to remove these sorts of emotional traces is to welcome such feeling and focus on them completely for few minutes.

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