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How Protein Builds Muscle

How Protein Builds Muscle

The process of building muscle starts with amino acids that are internally produced by the body. Ingesting protein is what actually activates the release of the amino acids themselves, which are what actually build the muscle itself. We often think about protein as simply being animal flesh like beef, chicken, or fish, however there is a substantial amount of protein present in vegetables like peas or beans.

There are protein supplements that can help in the muscle building process

With a plethora of protein shakes and powders on the market, everyone wants to know which protein builds muscle most effectively. Usually the best ones are the supplements that contain a plethora of vitamins, various sources protein, and a wide variety of amino acids. The muscle building process itself essentially starts with an effective workout and should be immediately followed by a cool-down rest period. A healthy meal filled with various proteins such as beef, chicken, or fish, should be consumed shortly after one’s exercise cycle. Most importantly consistently getting good night’s sleep is imperative. The body releases more natural nutrients during sleep. A minimum of seven hours is recommended on a per night basis.

Too much Protein can cause problems

Ingesting too much protein, from natural food or synthetic sources, can cause protein dehydration. This is caused when there is a build up of a nitrogenous crystalline substance (also known as urea) in your system. Urea is generally excreted through the urinary tract, however dehydration can shut this process down.

Protein alone doesn’t build muscle – it is a formula of exercise, nutrition, nature, and focus

For muscles to increase in size they must be worked, rested, nourished, repaired, and re-worked (starting the cycle over again each day). The best body builders may disagree on some small things, but for the most part they all have a strong consistent regimen of exercise, which usually consists of doing numerous repetitions with various amounts of weights. Technically speaking, this is a destructive process because it breaks down muscle fibers in the body as lifters spend several hours completing hundreds of repetitions. Many body builders emphasize the cool down process, which can be vital in helping to heal the swollen muscle fibers from an intense workout. A protein shake rich in vitamins will replenish the lifter by putting the necessary vitamins and nutrients back in his or her system. These drinks and shakes by themselves do not grow the muscle tissue, however they help facilitate the process.

A high caloric intake of food can help protein build muscle tissue

Eating a high calorie diet of 4000-5000 calories per day may be necessary when you are exercising vigorously. Excess calories can be turned into muscle with the proper amount of dedicated training and commitment. The normal amount of protein consumed by an active athlete or weightlifter should be somewhere between .7 to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of the individual’s body weight. It is also important to remember that vitamins and antioxidants are just as important when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet.