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Gym Workouts For Women – How To Burn Fat Calories Fast

Gym workouts for women are designed differently from the common exercises of men because unlike men, women find it more difficult to lose weight and reach the fitness level that they desire. According to experts the main reason of this is that men and women have different metabolism. In order for women to lose weight, the kind of gym workouts for women that they should choose should greatly affect their metabolic rate. The goal of these gym workouts for women should focus more on body fat loss because losing muscle weight will not speed a womans metabolism and this may also eventually be counterproductive.

Gym workouts for women should also focus on the factors that affect a womans metabolic rate and these factors includes genetics, weight, body fat, age, muscle mass, life style and diet. Some of these factors cannot be controlled by anyone, so in order to achieve the desired outcome, gym workouts for women must focus on the factors that it can be controlled such as the weight, muscle mass and the body fat. When combined with proper diet, gym workouts for women will become very effective as it will help a woman tone her muscles, lose weight and be healthy.

A womans goal in losing weight is to build lean muscles, and following the right gym workouts for women that are designed specifically for the common needs of females may allow her lose body fats achieve the proper weight.

Among the most important gym workouts for women is aerobic training which mainly focuses on weight lifting and interval training. This kind of exercise program will easily burn fat calories during the workout and at rest. Weight lifting is a kind of exercise that will build the kind of muscles that a woman needs to speed up her metabolism so that she can burn fat calories while shes at rest. When performing weight lifting, a woman must choose the right equipment that will allow her to use large muscle groups and will over-load her body. A dumbbell squat is one of the effective workouts that will help her achieve her goal. Such exercise will require a woman to squat by holding a dumbbell and make specific movements that will allow her to easily burn fat calories.

Having interval training is also one of the best ways to speed metabolism and burn a number of calories. A woman must work 30 to 60 seconds with 90 percent intensity to allow her metabolism to speed up.

It is also important to know that diet will affect metabolism, so visiting a dietician will be very helpful. Another important thing to know is that aerobics must not be over-trained as it may become counterproductive. That is why it essential for a woman to see a doctor and a fitness professional before engaging herself in gym workouts