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Give The New Cardio Boot Camp Series A Try

Instructional books and DVDs are a great way to learn exercise techniques from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re the type of person who works different shifts and can’t make it to the gym on time, or you would rather exercise in your own surroundings without worrying about having people staring at you — instructional videos like cardio boot camp give you a home-based option.

The newest exercise trends revolve around circuit training routines, with multiple exercises, performed at varying levels of intensity. The ever-popular -300 Workout- for example focuses on extreme high intensity circuit training to get a body like the characters from the popular movie.

Not everyone has the heart for the almost terrifying -300 Workout- though. Cardio boot camp is a workout designed to whip you into shape using a variety of popular methods. One of the first things that’s addressed is proper stretching and flexibility technique, through the use of Pilates, Yoga and ball stretching exercises. There’s also exercises like obstacle course style training, power walking, running, army boot-camp exercises and martial arts techniques derived from karate, kick-boxing and boxing.

When the creators decided to call it cardio boot camp, they really meant what they were saying. The beauty of getting a DVD and doing it yourself at home is that you can work into things gradually, without fear of being embarrassed at an aerobics studio, by more experienced participants. There are workout centers all over Canada and spreading to the United States for people who want more of a social setting though.

What was the old saying? -There’s no time like the present.- This is a great quote for anyone contemplating getting their body into tip-top shape for the beach, bedroom, or better overall health. Get started today and enjoy all the benefits tomorrow.

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