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Excellent Health Benefits Of Jogging

Jogging is a very popular exercise. Not only is it a fun way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air but it also offers some excellent health benefits. In this article I will be discussing four of these health benefits in greater detail.

1) IT INCREASES YOUR HDL (HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN) CHOLESTEROL:- HDL cholesterol ensures that excess cholesterol is removed from your blood vessels. This prevents blockages and reduces your risk of heart disease. Regular jogging increases your HDL levels and can therefore help regulate your body’s cholesterol levels and lower your chances of having a heart attack.

2) IT SUPPORTS STRONGER BONES:- Jogging is a weight bearing exercise which places stress on your skeleton. This stimulates an increase in bone mineral density which leads to stronger, thicker bones. Increased bone mineral density lowers your chances of developing osteoporosis (brittle, porous bones) and means your bones are less likely to bend, break and fracture.

3) IT CAN PREVENT DIABETES:- Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging are a great way to prevent the onset of diabetes (a condition where your blood glucose levels become extremely high). Inactivity and obesity are two of the biggest risk factors for diabetes. Jogging provides you with regular physical activity and is also a great way to keep your weight under control, offsetting both these risk factors. Furthermore, regular jogging can improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin (a hormone that allows your cells to take glucose from the blood) which helps stabilise blood glucose levels and prevents them from reaching extremely high levels.

4) IT LOWERS YOUR BODY FAT LEVELS:- One mile of jogging burns approximately 150 calories. However, jogging does not just burn calories whilst you are exercising. Research suggests that in the 48 hours following cardiovascular exercise your body can burn up to 15% more calories. Therefore, regular jogging can help you burn more calories both whilst exercising and whilst resting. Provided your diet does not change this increased calorie burn will lead to lower body fat levels.

Jogging is a highly beneficial exercise. Not only does it improve your cardiovascular fitness but it also supports good overall health. So next time you find yourself relaxing in the garden on a sunny day with a spare hour or two why not give jogging a try? You will still be able to experience the nice weather but you will also enjoy all the benefits listed in this article.