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Banish The Need To Hide Man Boobs

I have almost certainly suffered from a more diverse experience of commercial life than the majority of guys before training as a qualified Fitness Professional and have bumped into scores of guys from all areas of life who suffered from acquired poor posture and/or dressed in loose-fitting clothes. had never given any thought as to why individuals acquired a hunched posture, or indeed favoured shapeless clothing, until I saw them with no clothes, when it became evident|Initially, I paid little attention to posture or apparel but as soon as I observed these males in a changing room, it became clear|Like most people, I thought little of either posture or apparel, only perhaps in a changing room when I was able to see why}…their priority was to hide man boobs. Prior to going into the fitness world I had little information of this issue but I have conducted much research over recent years as to the causes in order that I would be in an improved position to advise guys in the gym.

Not much was known about gynecomastia etc. in the 1960’s, when I was at high school but I do recall a boy of my age who had breasts and suffered accordingly. He was so shy with his appearance that he was continually inventing excuses for never participating in any of the physical training, games etc. so that he did not have to fret about other boys seeing him in the showers. Some boys are ever too ready to mock another boy so there were some uncalled for comments aimed at him, which predictably made him very humiliated. Whether he realised that he suffered from pubertal gynecomastia I don’t know but I hope that he grew out of it. 93% of adolescents do grow out of their pubertal gynecomastia after 3 years approximately.

At that time, the only treatment which doctors prescribed for gynecomastia was surgery as little was understood about hormonal imbalance. Obviously, a lot of men had to then put up with the inevitable scar tissue that was left after surgery. A cure-yes, but which was worse…the problem or the cure.?

Compression undergarments gradually became available to compress the pectorals and so help to hide man boobs. These have been improved enormously over time and now come in several styles. With prices varying from $70 to $200 and quality also a consideration, there are some rules to remember when choosing such clothing:

1.Make certain that your underwear comes with a minimum guarantee of 30 full washes since this is an assurance of quality.
2.Make sure that the garment is made of 3-way stretch fabric, in order that control is snug but effective.
3.Select fiber mixtures like ‘Lycrasoft’ or ‘Tactel’ because they are very comfortable to wear.
4.The article of clothing must be made from a ‘breathable’ material so that moisture can escape and air can get in.
5.Your garment’s material must have been infused with anti-microbial properties to prevent bacteria and moulds from flourishing.

Because you should be looking at a permanent solution to overcoming the condition, I don’t plan to advocate any brands to help you to hide man boobs. Decide to get rid of your unwanted ‘breasts’ rather than hide them. I have myself helped a lot of clients in the gym and worked with them to build a fine chest by putting in place lifestyle and dietary changes along with a professionally designed exercise program. Due to fact that everyone is unique I can’t give a detailed chest program now but these are the important principles:

1.You should be able to actually perform the general and chest workouts put in place for you.
2.You must warm up for 5 minutes and then complete 6 large muscle group stretches before starting your workout.
3.It is sensible not to target any major muscle group for over 30 minutes or so in a session.
4.Ensure that you observe good technique, with a neutral spine, good range of movement and perform each repetition in a considered, unhurried way.
5.Combine both machines and free weights in your resistance program.
6.Don’t overdo it in the beginning and train for no more than one hour.

The best outcomes on your chest will be achieved by keeping in mind the following:

1.Your routines will be interesting and successful if you perform chest presses with a range of equipment…barbells, dumbbells and fixed machines.
2.Stress all parts of the chest by altering your position between seated, flat, incline and decline.
3.To fill out that chest make sure that you include flyes in your workout, using fixed machines, cables and dumbbells.
4.I suggest doing between 3 and 5 different chest exercises to start with, with 3 sets for each exercise and 12 to 15 repetitions in each set.
5.Maximise your gains by varying your programs every 4 to 6 weeks.

Having given the above guidance it will be the case that some guys actually don’t like gyms, can’t afford to join one or simply cannot get to one. In addition to this there will be some who cannot justify purchasing special underwear and for them also I decided to investigate less expensive options.

All of the relevant information has been posted on my website the BestChestGuide which includes much more information on gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia…both of these, of course, being the reasons for men wishing to hide man boobs. It was important that any solutions that my investigations highlighted were drug-free and reflected my own philosophy with regard to exercises, diet and lifestyle. Do go and see my website next to find out more just by clicking on the link below.