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An Overview of Detox Diet

Detox dieting is the latest fad to hit the health and fitness circles. And because a detox diet can flush out toxins from the body and rid the body of waste materials and impart a spring clean to your system, thus attaining weight loss in the process, obese people are flocking to clinics to undergo a detox therapy or diet.

The purpose of the 3 day detox is to purge the toxins from your body. Everyone is exposed to chemical toxins these days that come from food, water and the air. You even create toxins within your body every day from normal metabolic processes. Toxins damage cells and tissues if they are allowed to build up.

Your body has a very complex detox system that works as best it can but modern research has discovered that it simply cannot keep up with the chemical toxins you are bombarded with every day.

The Grape Diet works very well. With this diet you eat nothing but grapes, including the seeds, and drink only hot or cold water for about four or five days. The extract from grape seeds provide many health benefits, and the skins contain Resveratrol, which aids natural weight loss.

Elimination of meat, fish, eggs, and processed foods containing pesticides, heavy metal, stimulants like tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes for a few days from our diet can greatly reduce the toxic build up in our body. Consumption of purified water keeps the system hydrated and helps in flushing out wastes from the kidneys.

Most of these detox diets are made up of fasting, drinking loads of clear fluids like water and eating mainly vegetables. Your system will get flushed out on a diet like this but they should be used for only limited time periods. Many of the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients for a healthy diet are missing with a detox diet and need to be replaced.

Fruits and vegetables will be the mainstay of your detox plan. You can have up to three servings of fruit in a day and unlimited amounts of most vegetables. Do not eat bananas, potatoes or corn. If you eat peas, add them to your servings of legumes rather than counting them as vegetables. All of these are high in sugars and starch.

Detoxifying your body is the solitary way of cleansing your body of these toxins. It is a natural process that, in the past, our ancestors’ bodies were able to accomplish all on their own. Nowadays however, with poor diet and stressful lifestyles, many of us realize our bodies are overwhelmed and unable to cleanse themselves properly.

The diet is now widely used not only for fast weight loss, but for detoxing the body, cleansing the blood and kidneys, making you feel more energetic, needing less sleep, and being overall more relaxed.

A detox diet is a program that minimizes the chemicals ingested into the body by going for organic food. It highlights food like vitamins and antioxidants that the body needs for detoxification. It also involves taking in of food that will aid in the elimination of toxins like high fiber food and water.