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A miraculous cure for obesity Diet Pills

Diet Pills A miraculous cure of Obesity

I was previously an overweight and an obese person from my child hood. You know 40 percent of teen age boys and girls in America are overweight and obese. I was also among one of them.

As I grew older to be a young man, my body weight also continued to increase compared to my age and height. Within a few years when I was less than 30, my body weight came to an alarming level. Being overweight, I felt always uneasy, my blood pressure increased and even I was suffering from type-2 diabetes. I was losing my sexual power also and there was always trouble with my beautiful wife.

I was getting no respite from this trouble. Many people advised me to under take some weight loss program. But seeing the rigorousness of those programs, I was very much afraid and thought that those were not suitable for me. I was looking for a miracle to happen in my life in order to reduce my body weight and obesity.

At last the miracle really happened to me. One day my wife advised me to see a doctor who advised me to try some diet pills to reduce immediately my body weight to some extent.

The doctor advised me to kick start my weight loss program with diet pills like Xenical or Reductil.. He also advised me to follow some instruction while I was on the weight loss program.

I know there are millions of overweight persons eager to have some respite from the problem of overweight and / or obesity. Here I am sharing my experience.

As soon as I started taking diet pills, after a few weeks, my body weight started to reduce. I asked the doctor what the mystery was with these weight loss pills. He elaborated that Xenical was a lipase inhibitor which blocked the action of the fat digesting lipase in the intestine and stopped a major portion of fat of our food to be absorbed in the body. As a result a person loses body weight.

Reductil is a satiety enhancer, which increase serotonin level in the body giving the feeling of fullness so that one takes less food and thus can reduce body weight.

The doctor also checked my body condition before prescribing for the diet pills. My Body Mass Index (BMI) was more than 28, and also I was having other health related problems. So the doctor recommended for me Xenical diet pills. He also advised me to continue with the diet pills, as I could lose more than 5 percent of my body weight within 12 weeks. It was a really miracle to me as I did not see reduction of my body weight for the past fifteen years or so.

Seeing the immediate effect of the diet pills, with advice of the doctor, I started my comprehensive weight loss program consisting of balanced diet and physical exercise supplemented by diet pills. Now I am not afraid of the rigors of the comprehensive weight loss program. Only diet pills may not be sufficient for weight loss for long time.

The doctor warned me about possible side effects of Xenical. Some times loose stools due to use of Xenical may happen. Fortunately I did not suffer much with this problem. Also the doctor recommended some vitamin pills to make up the loss of vitamins in my body as the fat soluble vitamins may pass through stool during use of Xenical.

Anyway my body is at present perfect in weight and I have got rid of all the weight related diseases. I have gained new vigor in my sex life also. Is it not a miracle to me?